My Good Boy [F30+/M30+] [Gentle Fdom][Msub]

It has been a long day and I see the exhaustion on your face. I sit down beside you on the couch and pull your head down to my lap. As I stroke your hair, your eyes shut and I feel a swell of love for you. You have been working so hard- long hours at work and studying late into the evenings.

I pull you up and kiss you softly, my hands pulling your face to mine. You part your lips for me and I slide my tongue in to caress yours. I lead you to the bedroom- I set everything up and have been waiting for you. Our bedroom has been set up with soft lighting, pillows piled high against the headboard and cuffs sitting where you will be in a minute.

I peel the shirt off your back and get down on my knees while undoing your belt. Looking up at you with my blue eyes, trying to silently communicate how much you mean to me. I take the belt off and slide your pants off you. Taking off your socks slowly, I can’t help giggling as you try to balance on one foot. I slide up your body and kiss you again. I can’t get enough of how you taste.

Once on the bed, I nudge you until your back rests against the stack of pillows I’ve placed against the headboard. I push your forehead against the highest pillow with a single finger before climbing on top of you. It doesn’t matter that you are significantly larger than me, I can make you do whatever I want with a soft word and a gentle touch.

I kiss you tenderly. Those wide eyes, the small smile just for me drive me crazy. But tonight is about you- you deserve to be treated like the good boy you are. I can feel you straining against the curve of my ass. Pressing a kiss to each wrist, I take one at a time and attach it to the metal headboard with the worn leather cuff.

I slide off you with a sly smile and walk behind the footboard. I slowly start to slide the straps off my pale blue sundress. I undo each button while staring at you. It slides off my curves and puddles on the floor around my feet. I step out of it and work my way back to you. Slinking onto the bed, I run my hand down your body. Feather light touches down your torso, circling each nipple and excruciatingly slowly down to the hem of your boxers. I look up at you, giggling a little at your half shut eyes and open mouth, and push myself up for another kiss.

Your mouth opens immediately, kissing me hungrily and I gladly match your pace and tempo. I throw my leg over you and grind my damp panties into you. I sit up and reach behind to unclasp my transparent mesh bra. It falls away and I pull your face to my breasts, moaning softly as you kiss and suck my nipples. The sharp sting of your teeth brings me back to reality. I hiss and pull back.

“Naughty boy!” I cry as I slap you across your face. That gets your attention and shakes you out of your lust filled stupor. I pinch your face between my fingers and glare at you. “Oh baby, you will pay for that” I murmur as I rub your red cheek.

I kiss my way down your body, pausing to bite each of your nipples as payback. You arch off the bed, groaning. You react perfectly every time. I rub your throbbing cock through your boxers and laugh as it twitches into my hands. “So eager” I giggle while continuing down your writhing body.

By the time I reach the edge of your boxers, you are practically begging. Your gasps and breathy moans are music to my ears. I love teasing you, drawing out the anticipation. Licking around the edge of your boxers, I let my tongue trail under the material. You buck into my face and I roughly pin your hips to the bed. I kiss my way to the wet patch of precum soaking into the fabric. Ensuring you can see my eyes, I suck it into my mouth and quietly moan. You all the time taste good but when you are desperate like this, I can’t get enough.

Unable to keep teasing you, I pull your boxers off you and throw them into the clothing pile on the floor. I cover you in wet sloppy kisses until you are properly wet. I can’t wait any longer and sink down onto your rock hard dick, tasting all of you. Flicking my tongue against your frenulum before working my way down. I’ve needed this as much as you have. I don’t stop until I feel you firmly lodged against the back of my throat. I gag slightly, reveling in the feeling. I pick up a quick pace and the room fills with the sounds of sucking and slurping. I feel your balls rise, your cock getting harder. Your gasps and pleas for release falling on deaf ears.

I come off and slide my wet panties to the side. I plunge my tongue into your mouth, letting you taste yourself. Before I break the kiss, I sink down on you. I throw all my weight on you, letting my ass slap against your thighs. Needing you inside me is second nature. You are riding the edge, on the brink of losing it so I stay still. Letting our bodies adjust to each other.

When your eyes return to mine, I begin to rise and fall on you. Impaling myself over and over again at an agonizingly slow speed. I rub my clit as I ride you, getting lost in the sensations. Your needy moan brings me back to the present and I know you are close. I lift myself so only your cockhead is inside me and clench on you.

Your eyes fly open, mouth falling open and I know you are gonna cum. I jump off you and turn around so that your head is over my shoulder, ensuring you can see everything that is happening. I stroke your wet cock while aiming at my open lips.

“Be my good boy, baby. Cum for me.”

I feel it surge through you before it sprays my pussy. Pulsing out of you, thick streams coating my clit and already soaked cunt. I draw each drop out of you, smearing it against me with your hard length. I love feeling you jump against me as I work your over stimulated cock.

I take my time turning around, coating your belly with our combined wetness. I unclasp your hands from the headboard while kissing you softly.

You sink down onto the bed and I snuggle up beside you. Laundry be damned, I pull a blanket up over us. I turn your head towards me, looking into your gorgeous warm eyes. I can’t help myself, I pepper your whole face with kisses.

Fuck, you are such a good boy” I sigh as I snuggle into you.

NSFW: yes

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