My girlfriends mom walked in on us

So basically me and my girlfriend I (15m and her 15f)
Did the deed at her house two weeks ago. I went over there and went up to her room not expecting to go there to have sex. When I get up to her room she is wearing nothing I was astonished with how gorgeous she looked we then began making out which turn into me fingering her and then fucking her after a while we just laid in bed talking about how good it was when suddenly her mom knocked on her door yelling her name. As I hurried to hide it was too late her mom walked in on us as me and her locked eyes while I was butt ass naked she slowly closed the door and said “I’m going to give you 10 seconds to leave my house before I beat the shit out of you” after that I struggled to get my clothes on while my girlfriend helped me to escape I managed to leave the house with only my underwear on and my shirt covering my head. Craziest night of my life.

NSFW: yes

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