My girlfriend [F22] and my setp sister [F28] kissed

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After my girlfriend had sex with me wearing my sister’s panties as I mentioned earlier, I told my sister what had happened and she was very excited about it. We talked about it a lot, and they both said that they wondered each other was very gorgeous and hot.

Yesterday I was at home with my girlfriend, we were watching series in the living room when out of nowhere someone rings the bell, I go to the window to see who it was and my sister is standing in front of the house. She enters and joins us, the two sit together on the sofa and I in the armchair right in front of them, and we begin talking about the day’s things.

Some time later we started talking about hotter topics, we talked about sex with panties and incestuous sex with my sister. She asked my girlfriend what she wondered of that, and she said that at first she found it strange, but that afterwards it excited her too much, because besides her being very liberal we weren’t direct brothers, so it sort of doesn’t matter, because later since we did the trisal with my friend, the relationship opened up a little. She went on to say that she and my friend had a lot of talk about sex and even had sex without my presence since she really wanted to do that and I accepted.

Just in that conversation my dick was already exploding wanting to eat both of them there. My sister didn’t even blink, paying close attention to my girlfriend’s every word and looking excited. My sister said that she was happy that my relationship was working out, a while ago she dated a guy and tried to do it, but regretted that it didn’t work out. So my girlfriend cuts her off saying “you should try it with us then” and laughs and then shuts up with a face that she accidentally let go of. My sister widens her eyes and laughs too, and says that it wouldn’t be a bad idea, but that since things with me were starting, she wanted to go little by little to enjoy it and so that nothing goes wrong.

My girlfriend replies that she understands and completes by saying “because I’ve never kissed another woman, so I don’t know how I would feel”. My sister stops, gets serious, looks at her mouth and eyes and goes to my girlfriend giving her a little kiss on the mouth. I was very surprised and my dick started to boil. They pulled away a little and looked at each other, my sister asked what she wondered, and my girlfriend pulls her and they begin kissing with tongue. I started to rub my dick over my pants, I wanted to stick my dick between the two of them and come in their mouths. Then they stop and smile, and then they look at me and see the bulge in my pants and I’m rubbing it and my sister says “he looks like he likes it” and they laugh.

Then she got up and said that she had loved the kiss but that she had to leave as she had an appointment and wanted to take things slow. We said we understood, she got up off the couch and walked over to me and gave me a kiss on the mouth and rubbed my dick a little, looked at my girlfriend smiled and waved to us and walked away. My girlfriend and I looked at each other in surprise and talked about how exciting that had been and my girlfriend said that for her there was no doubt that she wanted to have sex with my sister. She got up and started kissing me, I lowered my pants and my dick jumped out already all wet. My girlfriend took off her pants and sat on my dick and we started having sex in the armchair. She was already very wet too and it didn’t take long for us to begin coming together. I came so much inside her pussy that when she got up it all went down in my groin.

After that we created a whats app group to talk about when we would do our trisal, and even call my friend in the future to close 4.

PS: Apologies for mistakes, it was translated by google.

NSFW: yes