My girlfriend (f19) asked me (f18)out midsex – Short Sex Story

I’m a bi 18 year old girl and I have been dating my best friend for 2 weeks. We were friends for 6 years and we were FWB for about a month then one night I just bought a strap on and she was fucking me first we were taking turns and I orgasmed after 10 minutes and I was determined to make her feel as good as she made me but she put a butt plug in my ass so I would feel good to. After 5 minutes she was moaning really loud and she just screamed “ Millie, wannabe my girlfriend “ I kissed her passionately and said yes. After we were done we were just hugging and she said I Iove u and then she realised what she said and was panicking saying is this too soon? I’m soo sorry. but I calmed her down and said I Iove her too ( if u think it’s too soon remember I knew her for 6 years)

NSFW: yes

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