My girl[F]riend and her ex [M]

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NSFW: yes

In the initial day of our relationship, my girlfriend and I opened up about our sexual partners. One by one we shared as much information as deemed necessary about all our ex’s. But regarding one of her ex, I could see a sparkle in her eyes. Her breathing got faster and I could she’s feeling uneasy. I understood thinking about her experiences with him was turning her on. But she didn’t want to show it to me just yet.

As our relationship got stronger with time, I started casually mentioning him in our roleplay. Imagine if he walks in. Stuff like that. At first she wondered may be I’m jealous, but I told her it’s all in good spirit. She started playing along and before long she was lying naked on top of me and telling me about the most exciting sex sessions with him. She had my dick in her hand and knew that in liking it. She opened up more and more and soon I was coming just thinking about it.

And then I proposed her something she couldn’t believe. I told her that one weekend we will go out and we will relive exactly one of the hot incidents she told me about. And that she will also call me by his name. That weekend came, we went to the same hotel they had stayed. And we did almost everything exactly the same way. All this while she kept calling me by his name. But at the time of orgasm, she took my own name and came like crazy. Her pussy flooded in the way it had never. And she said that this was even hotter than it was with him.

A few days later we were in the mall, and we bumped into the same ex. She was embarrassed to see him, more so because of what we did recently. But I could sense her excitement too. That’s when I whispered to her to ask him for a drink. And do something now that would really surprise me. I said this and made an excuse to be away for a few minutes.

She called me in about 15 minutes to understand where I was, I told her to come to the parking. When she sat in, I asked her if she did as I asked. She said she’s going out for drinks with him the next day. I was happy. Then I asked her about the surprise. That’s when she had sparkle in her eyes and she said “I took his hand and led him to the washroom area. Without saying a word I kissed him. We were making out immediately. I felt his hands all over my body. I was getting so wet now. Mainly because I was doing this for you. But ofcourse I was enjoying how he was being completely ruthless with me. He grabbed my tits, and pinched my nipples. I moaned into his mouth. And then I broke the kiss and told him to slide his hand down. He didn’t need to be told twice and now he was pulling up my dress to touch my ass. When I felt his palm on my ass, only then I realized the thongs I’m wearing were gifted by him. He touched my asshole and then my pussy. Fuck I was dripping wet by this point. I kissed him again and he pushed his fingers in me. He was finger fucking me! Fuck! And then I got the idea. I broke the kiss again, and bit his lip. I told him to take my thongs off. His eyes brightened and he started pushing them down. Now he had my thongs in his hand and he realized it’s the same one. I told him ‘I want you to keep them. Cum in them. Show me how much you miss my body and my slut pussy, and then return them to me unwashed tomorrow night when we go for drinks. I wont be wearing any panties, so when you give them to me, after seeing how much you miss me, I will wear them and spend rest of the evening wearing them'”

After this, we went home and I fucked her like crazy. It was one of the best sex we’ve ever had! The next evening she was getting ready for her ‘date’ when I told her “I don’t want you to cum home without making sure the thongs has both his and your fresh fuck juices”

She came home the next day, but in the night she sent me a picture of her naked, wearing only those thongs, and showing fresh cum. He had cum inside her and she had let it drip out before taking the picture. They fucked three more times after that.

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