My girlfriend [25f] and I [28m] had the craziest weekend [pt. 2]

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NSFW: yes

This is a follow up to my last post. So my girlfriend and I had a relaxing beach vacation with her family during which we were horny 90% of the time.

So after we fucked in the ocean, we put our bathing suits back on, headed back to shore, and headed into the condo for the day. After dinner, we decide we want to go out for a few drinks, so my girlfriend and I decide to walk to a bar that’s a short bit away.

The condo and the bar were both along the beach, so we decided to walk along the beach to the bar. As we walked, we noticed that it was really dark out and not a lot of people on the beach. We eventually got to the bar and had a good time.

So after we have a few drinks, my gf and I get tired and head back to the condo. We walk back on the beach. We’re both drunk and horny at this point, so my gf wants to fuck right there on the beach. I told her no not right then because (1) we didn’t have a towel and I didn’t want sand everywhere and (2) it was late and her family was expecting us lol. So she gave in, but instead after we got back to the condo, we fucked quietly in her room until I came in her tight pink pussy. (I cream pie her 99% of the time).

The next day comes and it’s an average relaxing day spent in a beach town, casually drinking throughout the day. My gf and I have our weed pen with us too so we’re feeling good. We got back to the condo and head to the beach again, mid afternoon, but just my girlfriend and I. We put sunscreen all over our bodies (she looked so sexy again in her swim suit and her fat ass ?) and laid out in the sun. After a while when we feel hot, we decide to get in the ocean.

Well since we were drunk, high, and horny, we decided to fuck in the ocean again. Some strangers were closer, but we didn’t care, especially my gf. She turned into such a little slut, I fell in love all over again. While we fucked, we dirty talked about how she likes knowing how all these strangers could possibly see us fucking, knowing she was such a whore taking my cock in the ocean. She came all over my cock. I filled up her pussy there in the water. After we made out a bit more, we got dressed and headed to shore to dry off.

Now that was part 2. I’ll post part 3 either later today or tomorrow. Part 3 is the hottest part yet! (Spoiler: my gf gets her pussy eaten, but not by me!)

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