My gf watched me and her best friend (part 2)

“Wow you look so sexy babe” said Becca! At this point Megan looked quite shy. Her ass looked amazing in these panties and I couldn’t stop staring. I felt my cock get harder the more I looked at her body and I think it was pretty noticeable as I had changed into shorts when we got back home. “So what did you want to happen to you tonight Meg” Becca asked her. “Well just someone to take my mind off of Tom and appreciate my body again” she said to us both. Becca took my hand and placed it on one of Megan’s tits. “So like this”? Becca asked her. I think Megan was shocked and she didn’t say a word and looked almost frozen. My gf moved away from us and sat back on sofa watching me feel her friends tits over the top of her bra. Megan slowly moved towards me and kissed me, it was only a small kiss but that then turned into us making out. I grabbed her and pulled her on top of me so she was straddling me while we made out and my hands grabbing hold of her amazing ass. “Looks like you’ve made him hard Meg” Becca told her. “Oh shit, sorry!” Megan responded. “Mmm enjoy it” she told her back. Becca stood up and walked towards me, she pulled my shorts down and my hard cock just sprung up. Becca took Megan’s hand and pulled her to the floor, she took the back of Megan’s head and guided it towards my cock. She opened her mouth and began slowly sucking it. Her mouth felt amazing, and she looked incredible while she was on her knees. She began getting faster and deeper and she began deepthroating me. I looked to the side and my gf had pulled her dress up and was playing with her clit while she watched us.

Megan was sucking my cock for a few minutes before I guided her off my cock and asked if I could fuck her. The three of us walked up stairs and went into our bedroom. I took Megan by the waist and began making out with her again, before pushing her on to the bed. I pulled down her panties and began going down on her, can’t even lie I had wondered about this moment a few times but this was more amazing than I could have ever imagined. She tasted great, and was so wet. I went down on her for about 5 minutes before she groans of “oh fuck I’m going to cum” she grabbed my head and just pushed it into her pussy so I couldn’t stop. That was it, she had cum all over my mouth and I could feel it dripping down my chin. My gf was at the edge of the bed fully naked and was using her vibrator while watching us. Megan wanted to be on all fours and fucked rough, so I bent over so she was facing Becca, and I began fucking her. After a few minutes, we could hear Becca moaning and she ended up cumming on her vibrator while watching me fuck her best friend. I fucked Megan for a few more minutes after this, spanking her ass and going as hard as efficient. She ended up cumming for a second time all over my cock and it felt amazing. After this she was moaning so hard and begging for me to cum in her pussy. My cock began twitching and pulsing and I pumped a few loads deep into her pussy. It was such a hot experience and the three of us ended up falling asleep naked in the same bed.

NSFW: yes

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