My gf watched me and her best friend (part 1)

So I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted on here. I have about 4 stories that I will be sharing over the next few weeks about me and my gf. 3 of these happened on vacation and 1 just before (this is what I will tell you now).

This happened about 2 months ago. My gf has at all times had a best friend someone who she spends a lot of time with and they are pretty much inseparable. Ever since I first met her best friend Megan, we have got along so well. She’s blonde, about 5’1, curvy but in a good way, she has nice size tits and an amazing ass (definitely her best feature) but she’s also very attractive. Megan had been dating someone called Tom for over 2 years so my gf, me and those 2 would hang out loads. Fast forward and these two ended up breaking up, he cheated on her with a girl he met at work. She started hanging around our place more, sleeping over and also just wanting business while they sold their house. Becca decided one night that we would take Megan on a night out clubbing, under strict instructions we would make her pull.

So one Saturday night we all got ready and headed out to the clubs. Megan looked amazing, she was wearing a short tight green dress, that barely covered her ass and exposed a lot of her tits. She was also wearing heels and just looked amazing but very slutty. My gf was similar, she was wearing a short dress that also showed off her amazing figure. We ended up arriving at the first club and it was busy but full of 18 year olds so we decided to leave and go to a few bars instead. It got to about 1am and we were all pretty drunk by this point, we had a booth in the corner of one of the bars that basically overlooked the full place. There were a group of guys on the next table to us and I could see Megan glancing over every so often to look at one of them. I asked her to point out which one she wanted and it was a guy who basically resembled her ex Tom but just looked older. I saw him get up and go to the bar so I used this as my opportunity to get her some action, I walked over to the bar and stood next to him. He seemed quite friendly and even began conversation with me asking if I was a pimp or gay to which I explain the situation. He ended up dropping his friends drinks off on the table and then joined us in our booth. Safe to say this guy was not shy or awkward and began conversation with Megan quite quickly. She was quite drunk and decided to giggle at everything he said. My gf couldn’t take anymore of listening to Megan giggling so decided to go to the bathroom. When she left the stranger from the bar decided to rub his hands up along Megan’s thighs, and this moved her short dress up her body and exposed the bottom of her panties. I couldn’t help but look at this point as her black lace panties were on show and they looked amazing. When I managed to divert my eyes away from her legs and panties I noticed they were making out, his hand gripping on to the top of her thighs. He continued this for a short while before he moved away from her lips and began kissing her neck, she let out quite a loud moan to say we were in a bar and that’s when I noticed her eyes were locked onto mine. She was staring at me whilst he was kissing her neck, she looked so hot and kept letting out little moans as his fingers were on her inner thighs. My cock began to twitch and I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. That was until my gf came back from the toilet and gave me a little smile.

A few minutes later and his friends came over to tell him they were moving on to a different bar. He asked for Megan’s number and took out his phone, that’s when we noticed a picture of him and another girl as his Lock Screen. Megan told him to leave and looked so upset, she felt guilty and just asked if we could leave and have drinks back at our place. When we got back to ours I grabbed a beer from the fridge while Becca opened a bottle of wine for her and Megan. I sat on the sofa chatting to Megan, “sorry for staring at you while I had my neck kissed, I don’t know what happened” she said. “Don’t worry about it, it was quite hot” I admitted. She just laughed and said maybe don’t tell Becca. The night went on and it got to about 2:30am when the conversation turned to sex. Megan admitted to even wearing her best lingerie in the hope she was gonna get laid. My gf asked to see the lingerie that Megan was wearing. “But won’t it be weird your bf seeing me like this Becca” Megan asked. “No not at all” Becca was adamant. Megan began battling with her zipper at the back of her dress, “go help her babe” Becca said to me. I slowly unzipped Megan’s dress and began undressing her from her shoulders down. Before I knew it there she was stood in front of me in the sexiest black lace bra and panties set.

NSFW: yes


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