My gf loves being freeused…

Okay, first official post on reddit, Ive been a silent gooner on here for ages, currently stroking my cock scrolling through reddit for the past hr, my gf still sleeping next to me. When she rolls toward me or face up, Ill grope her tits, and watch her nips go hard, play with them through her silk top. When I’m done writing this, I’m gonna get up, lube my aching cock, pull the blanket off her, she’ll moan in protest. Push her legs together and drag her panties off her, drag her to edge of the bed and with a hard quick stroke, slam my cock first time into her hard, nice and deep. Shell gasp like its her first breath from drowning! Lean forward and roll the silk up to expose her big tits, hard nips, and shell take her blindfold off to watch me fuck her. Ill plow her for a few minutes until her tight pussy relaxes from me using her, reach down and grab her favourite stick ball vibrator and command her to play. Without hesitation shell follow my word, and as she does, I reach for the 2nd toy… An insert tail egg vibrator, lube it with the mix of pussy juice and lube from my dick. Push it inside her and then jam myself into her, turning her hole into a wet warm vibrating fleshlight. Now at this point after being all pent up from the night before and gooning this morning, I wont last a few minutes more before cum dumping in my girlfriend like a good fleshlight she is.
Not before she comes herself like a frieght train, her pussy tightening again and making it impossible to hold on any longer. Long deep pulses into her pussy, fillling her up while she smiles and enjoys watching my turn in ecstasy. I pull the insert out of her and watch all the cum, lube and juice dribble onto the floor. Ill look at her and say ‘Good girl’ and shell moan at me in acceptance and well go clean up.
Excuse me redditors while I go

NSFW: yes

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