My gf (f25) got groped on a flight

Me and my gf Leah were going on a long haul flight to New York. This is about an 8 hour flight from where we live. We had talked about having sex or at least playing with each other while we’re on the plane as we had never done it before. We had a few drinks in the airport and were both excited about finally getting on holiday but also to try and have sex while we were flying and had definitely built up the sexual tension.

We boarded the plane, my gf sat at the window seat and I took the middle. After about 10 minutes a third person joined us in the aisle seat. He seemed like he was in his 30’s and boarded with his gf. It was a night flight so most people on board began getting out blankets and neck pillows to relax. Leah decided she wanted a couple of hours sleep, and decided to put her AirPods in and close her eyes. I ended up chatting to the guy next to us on the flight, he was called Liam and we chatted about football, plans for when we were in New York and each others girls. We ended getting on to the topic of sex and how he wanted his girl to be more adventurous. I was telling him stories about Leah and how we had shared each other before which I could tell definitely got him going. After about an hour, Leah woke up and decided she needed the toilet. We both stood up and let her out, she was traveling in legs which looked really good on her ass. As she started walking down the aisle I saw Liam staring at her ass. When she came back I decided to move to the window seat so we both didn’t need to move back out again.

It was about 3am at this point on the flight and I was beginning to feel tired. Before I knew it I must have fallen asleep. I woke up to being knocked on the leg by Leah’s, as I slowly opened my eyes I could see Leah had her jacket over her lap and it was moving. I kept my eyes slightly shut to work out what was happening. That’s when I saw Liam’s hand across her lap, I then began hearing quiet moans from Leah. He was fingering her!! He looked like he was getting faster the jacket then slid off and I could see that his hands were down her leggings and he was fingering her. At this point I felt my cock stir in my pants, my gf was being touched up on the plane. I pretended to be asleep but kept my eyes slightly open to watch what was going on. Leah’s moans were getting less quieter by this stage and I could tell she was close to cumming, “mmmm that’s is finger me like that” she said quietly. I could hear the wetness of her pussy, and then before I knew it she moaned and threw her head back in the seat. “You just made me cum” she said to him. She looked over at me to see if I was still sleeping and as far as she knew I was. That’s when I heard a zip, she had undone his jeans and had pulled his hard cock out of his pants. She began stroking his cock, then she spat all over her hand and continued. She was stroking him so fast and I could see he was clearly enjoying it. She stopped for a second and spat on her hand again before continuing. After stroking his cock for around 4 minutes I saw her cup her hands around his tip, he had cum all over her hands. I saw some of his cum drip onto her leggings and the seat and the rest was all over her hands. She smiled at him and licked it all up from her hands before kissing him on the cheek.

After about 5 minutes I pretended to wake up and I could clearly see the cum stain on her leggings. For the rest of the flight I chatted to them both knowing my gf had just been groped while I slept.

NSFW: yes

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