My gf and the bar owner on vacation – part 2

Becca just stared at his cock and bit her lip! “Hey babe, why don’t we get you out of that dress” I said to her. “I think we should let Leo help me baby” she told me! He pulled his jeans and pants fully off and removed his T-shirt revealing his massive arms and muscular body. He walked over to Becca, his cock was pulsing and twitching as he walked, Becca looked nervous which I hadn’t seen before. He looked her up and down, he then pulled her dress down, her dress got caught on her heels as she tried stepping out of it. The size difference looked amazing at this point, she looked tiny next to him. At this point she was stood in her knickers, heels and her tits were out, she looked so sexy and slutty at this point.

Becca began looking at him in a seductive way, she kept flicking between his face and his enormous cock. He lifted Becca up and began making out with her, I had never seen anyone do this to her before but it was amazing, she was resting on his cock and his hands were on her ass while they kissed. She was moaning so much as they kissed and after their lips broke she said “I want to suck your huge cock” this made my cock rock hard, and I slowly began pulling my shorts down so I could jerk off watching them. He lowered Becca and instantly she got on her knees, grabbing his cock in two hands because it was too big for one hand. She spat on the tip of his dick and started licking the shaft up and down. She then opened her mouth as wide as she could and took half of his dick in her mouth, he let out a massive moan. Looking at my sexy girlfriend with this massive black cock in her mouth did something to me I had never experienced, I was so turned on and could contain myself from just sitting their and stroking my cock as fast as feasible. She began sucking his cock faster and at this point was struggling to handle him, she kept gagging and making his cock so sloppy as she tried to take it all in her mouth. “Mmm do you like this bbc baby” he kept asking her. She just agreed while sucking his cock so fast and sloppy.

Leo kept moaning and throwing his head back, he was certainly enjoying how good my gf was sucking his cock. After about 3 minutes of her sucking his cock he lifted her head up to face him. “Are you ready sexy” he asked. “Please Leo, I need it inside me, I need that bbc” she told him. That response almost made me cum, my girlfriend begging for his bbc was so hot. He bent her over the table we had been sat at so she was facing me. He pulled her panties to the side and slowly began inserting his cock inside her tight little pussy. “Oh my god! Fuck fuck you are stretching me out” she moaned as he managed to fit his full cock inside her. He got faster and faster with his thrusts and her face was pure ecstasy, she was being fucked so hard and deep by her first black cock. “Do you like that baby?” I asked her, “oh I love it, baby he’s so big” was her response. He started slapping her ass while he was fucking my gf in his bar. He then pulled his cock out of her and told her to ride him, he laid on the bar table and she climbed on top still wearing her heels and her panties just pulled to the side. She slowly lowered herself on his massive cock, the sight of her sliding down on top of him made me explode, I ended up cumming all the underside of the bar table and the floor. “Mmm looks like your bf enjoys this Becca” he said to her, she was too busy riding him to even know what had happened. As she slid up and down on his cock all I could see was her white creamy pussy making his cock so messy. She started getting faster as she rode him, “oh just like that I’m going to cum” she carried on at the same speed and Leo let out a enormous moan. He had just filled my gf’s pussy with a massive load, she climbed off of him all sweaty and his cum was dripping out between her legs. The view was so sexy.

NSFW: yes

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