my friends sister… – Short Sex Story

So I had moved schools in my senior year and made some new friends. Everyone joked about my older sister being hot and they wanted to hook up with her. Well I didn’t know anyone yet to respond to there jokes.

One night I’m at my house and my friend calls. Tells me he’s at his cousins house and to come over. So I get a ride out to their house. Everyone is drinking and partying. A few strangers , a few people I know.

Then a girl I never met before. Found out it was my friends older sister. He was at his girlfriends and everyone was at his house partying.

She was sexy as fuck. She was short , with a fat ass and small tits. Long brown hair and I could see her staring at me.

So I went over and started to talk to her. I didn’t know she had a bf there sleeping. He came out briefly to get a drink and went back to bed.

She keeps following me around and the way she looked at me. I could tell she wanted fucked. So I reached over and grabbed her ass and she backed up on me. Now my cock starts to get hard. So I let her feel it. There’s a house full of people and I can see in her eyes she wants fucked.

So that night drama happened. So we ended up having to leave. A few days later I came over myself. We begin talking. The next thing you know. I have her naked. Sucking her small tits. I could actually fit her entire titty in my mouth. So I was finger fucking her and sucking her tits hard. I go back home and act like nothing happened.

A few days later I go back out to see her. I came over at like 7 am. She let’s me in and we got to her room. She knew what I wanted. She gets completely naked and I start to pound her. Squirt all over her and keep going. I came all over her and her fancy bed. I didn’t care any more. We take a nap and wake up. By this time my friends are all here drinking. She’s talking to her girls. I’m just looking at her thinking about how I am gonna fuck her as soon as the business leaves.

People begin to leave and we get in her room. As soon as I shut the door. She’s completely naked. Ready for anything I will do to her. I literally turn the radio on , climb on the bed and slide in her raw. Pound her a little bit and pull out and put a condom on. I brought a bunch this time.

I lost track of time. The cd played the entire way through to another one and I am fucking her like a little slut. She’s literally soaking wet the bed is soaked. Her juices are all over my cock , balls and thighs. I make her ride me until she cums all over my cock.

I take a piss and smoked a little weed. She’s just laying down completely naked. I don’t have anymore condoms cause I fucking came for this slut 6 times.

After we smoke she tells me to fuck her raw. I’m kinda nervous. I’ve fucked pussy raw. But not with a cock that is so hard it’s dripping cum out of the head.

She’s literally doggy on the edge of the bed. Cunt spread with her round little ass. So I slide in, but grab her hair and start to pound her. Her cunts so hot from her cumming that I feel a load building and pull out. I cup my head and squirt all over my hand and cover her body. Kinda wipe my cum cock on the bed and stick it back in her.

By this time I have squirt every inch of this sluts body. But I don’t stop getting hard. She’s covered in cum. Her sheets are so sticky. Every position we do. I can feel her cunt juice soaked the bed.

As I start to get tired she is too. She’s basically getting pounded doggy moaning while I spank her and pull her hair.

All of a sudden I start to pound her faster. Pulling her hair to arch her body and kissing her neck. I whispered in her ear and she responded. So I grip her tits and lean forward onto her back and let my cock fucking explode in her wet dripping cunt. I left it in until every drop was out of my head. My heart was beating so much and her cunt filled up with my hot cum inside it felt amazing.

I ended up moving away for a few years. Then ran into her with her new boyfriend. I could tell the way she looked at me , that no one has ever fucked her like that again and left her dripping cum out her cunt like I did.

NSFW: yes

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