My friends and I are such sluts on a night out F25

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I love going out with the girls. Gonna some trashy club that we know we’re gonna get hit on all night. Some of the girls love it so much that they even go when they’re in relationships. They tell their BF’s they love dancing or just gonna spend time with the girls but all guys know what really happens there. We let guys buy us drinks and we dance with them, everyone is so packed together so we just cannot help but grind up against them. And yeah some girls hate it, but for me, it’s a good enough reason to stay single. I love that feeling when you’ve drunk just enough to feel warm and you can feel the guy you’re dancing with get hard as you rub your ass against him.

After a while of him feeling me up I’ll turn and talk directly into his ear, telling him to follow me. We walk to somewhere quieter, a hallway to another room and I’ll pull him up against me to kiss him.

Last time this happened he was kissing my neck while I wrapped one of my legs around him so he could dry hump me against the wall. I was so fucking wet I would’ve let him fuck me right then and there.

When we got kicked out one of my friends left with me, with the new guy she found too (she has a bf)… we all went to a premier inn that was 1 min away from the club and as soon as we got a room, we didn’t even wait until the elevator door closed for us to get straight back to it. If a night out doesn’t end with me getting filled up, it even worth going out?

I could hear them in the room next door fucking and so I started begging to the best of my ability, I wanted my guy to fuck me like his life depended on it. I get a little competitive and wanted to be fucked better than she was. I drug my nails into his back a little too hard as he was making me cum, so I made it up to him by letting him lay on his back as I sucked his dick until he came down my throat.

NSFW: yes