My friend was caught wanking

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It was before I got pregant just another ordinary club night; I got very inebriated and made advances toward many guys, including some from our group.

After the club closed at 3am, we all made the decision to return to one of the guys’ apartments. When we got to the apartment, we continued to party and drank a lot. By 6 am, there were only 5 people left—3 girls and 2 boys. We made the decision to end the night. The two men rented a two-bedroom apartment. One of the guys decided to give the three girls his double bed so he could sleep on the sofa. The other guy slept in his own room, which also had an ensuite and the apartment’s only shower. (I bet you can now predict what will happen, lol) (Apart: I think the design of the apartment is really bad.)

You can imagine that we were all naked together if it makes you happier. We girls all went to bed in the guys’ tops and some shorts. The other 2 girls were sound asleep after about 30 minutes of trying to sleep, but I was really having trouble because I was so hot and sweaty. To help me cool off and remove the party slang and stickiness from me, I had the brilliant idea to take a cold shower.

I got up and made the decision to take a shower in the other bedroom because I wondered the guy would be asleep. The room was dark when I entered, so my eyes were immediately drawn to the light from my friend’s phone, which perfectly illuminated his hand around his hard dick.

He began pulling up his pants out of panic. I was completely taken aback because I hadn’t anticipated this sight. He kept apologizing, but I was just standing in his doorway and staring at him inconsolably. I froze for a brief period of time before saying:

“No, don’t worry at all; I should have knocked; it’s okay, you can continue; it’s your house; you can do as you please; I’m your guest. Do you mind if I take a quick shower to help me fall asleep?

He expressed his relief and thanked me for my kindness before inviting me to use the shower. He then yanked out his still-hard dick and began jerking it once more. I was again surprised because I had sort of anticipated that he would wait until I entered the bathroom before he started again, though I suppose I had instructed him to continue. His dick wasn’t particularly large, but it still looked very nice; I would estimate it to be 5 inches.

I jokingly inquired as I approached the restroom if I should leave the door open for him. He said “yes please” as soon as he saw me. I gave a “you wish haha” response in response and shut the door. While taking a shower, I couldn’t stop thinking about how bizarre that encounter was. He was still working hard when I left, so I made sure the towel only covered my front so he could see my ass as I left his room.

He apologized profusely to me the following day, saying that he was extremely inebriated and horny and that he hoped he hadn’t offended me.

I hope you all enjoy my silly little tales. I also have a post on my user account confirming my gender, just in case.

NSFW: yes

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  1. Zealousideal_Move680

    God WhT a fuckinfbg wank that mustve been 🇬🇧love live the well. Too late for that joke

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