My friend saw that my panties are wet. [F18]

As a result, today I went to my friend’s [M27] house to take a shower because the water was completely off at my house. In his other room, I undressed and left my things, including my wet panties. After that, I covered myself with a towel before entering the bathroom and taking a shower. The door to the room was just open enough for me to peek through as I exited the shower and just see my friend smelling my wet panties.

Then I came into the room, and ask him if he want to help me squirt. He agrees but I need to wear my panties. He starts to rub my pussy so fast and hard, I squirt in one minute and shake my entire body. After that, I jerk his cock with my very wet panties and suck his cock, until he full load on my panties. I gave him these panties like a gift with my and his cum.

NSFW: yes

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