My [f]riend and I [f] made every guy at the beach stare at us – Short Sex Story

Just three days a ago my friend and I (both bisexual) went to the beach because it was HOT. Heatwave…
What‘s an crucial at the beach? Sunscreen.
So we‘re there at the beach in some really cute bikinis putting on sunscreen on each other.
We obviously noticed the guys staring at us already…
Maybe we wanted them to stare because we like the attention oopsie
We went into the water after giving each other back rubs and booty massages for a while and this is the fun part because we couldn’t keep our hand off of each other. (I uploaded a few pics of it on Reddit already if you want to see)

I can‘t explain it but somehow and I really don‘t know why… sexually touching someone feels so much better when you‘re wet / in water. I got so horny while massaging her juicy ass and cute tits in the water I was blown away… just like her.
We started making out for hours. We didn’t even stop on our way back home
We didn’t even stop when we were taking
a shower at the beach.
I wonder how many guys had a boner because of us…

NSFW: yes

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