My friend agreed to be fuck buddies

So i (24M) have had a fuck buddy before but know she has a boyfriend but recently i started having contact again with an old friend of mine, i eat her pussy in highschool once during the time a rumour about me spread (You can discover the story on My user account) but we never fucked, we talk about highschool and stuff and we got a little intense while texting, at one point she asked me to see My Dick and im quite proud of it so i showed it to her, it seams that she likes it cause sent me a photo of her ass (no i won’t show You) and she invited me over to her house to “have some drinks” Well….we fucked that night, and she told me she needed it cause it been a while and she needs to release some stress, jokingly i said that i could be her “stress releaser” and she hot silent, she told me that it was a good idea, to just fuck when we are bored and horny or stressed and horny or just horny, and i accepted. No we won’t fall in love, we just want to fuck and it Will stop when one of us gets a partner.

NSFW: yes

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