my first time

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NSFW: yes

this story is about my (f20) first time having sex. this is a very true story that happened last week. i apologize in advance for any formatting or grammar mistakes, im very tired.

i grew up in a very religious household and wasn’t allowed to date until i was out of the house, and obviously sex was absolutely forbidden. so i never had a boyfriend or any chance of having sex. i moved out on my 18th birthday and only had sexual deeds with my best friend up until the time of this story.

i met this man (m20) on my birthday. he followed me from a post i was tagged in on my friends instagram. he dm’d me and asked the basic questions (age, where i was from etc.). he then told me i was very pretty. i said thank you and we started talking. we found out that he was only 5 miles from my house (different town). he was apparently friends with my best friend (the one ive done some sexual things with). i texted my best friend and asked her about him and she said that he was a really good guy and that i should try to get to know him. i agreed and so did he.

after chatting for awhile he asked me what my body looked like. as a basic whore i sent him a few mirror and bikini pics. he complimented my boobs and jokingly asked if he could have a better view. i didn’t know he was joking so i sent him a soapy titty pic. he replied saying that he was only kidding and didnt think i would take him seriously. i was sort of surprised but played it off. a few minutes later he sent me a picture of his dick. his dick was pretty average. i complimented him and went to sleep shortly after.

the next morning i wake up to a text from him asking if i’d like to do something with him sometime. i said of course because he is very attractive. he said he wouldnt be home til late but that he could come over at night. i agreed and waited til nighttime. at 2am he texted me and said he was ready to come over. i sent him my address and he came over. at first we were both really awkward and i was very nervous because i knew something would happen.

we turned on a shitty netflix origanal movie and started talking. he asked how i knew my best friend and i told him a few stories about the things we’ve done. he was kinda shocked but said what i told him was very hot. he could tell i was nervous so he started cuddling with me while we were watching the movie. he kept making sure i was okay and i assured him i was.

after awhile he started kissing me. i wasnt very good at first because he was the first guy ive ever kissed but i caught on quickly. we started making out and he kept making sure i was okay with everything. he was touching my boobs and feeling my ass. he put his hand against my panties and was shocked to discover how wet they were. he took my panties off of me and started fingering me. i was moaning so loud and so hard.

after awhile he puts me on his lap and starts sucking my titties leaving hickeys everywhere. i pulled his head up and started kissing me while he rubbed my pussy. i was moaning in his mouth. he then grabs me by my neck and lays me down on the bed while he takes off his clothes. he tells me to sit up and open my mouth and i obey. his hand grabbed my head and pushed it onto his dick forcing me to deepthroat it. he starts face fucking me while i play with my pussy.

after that, he laid me down again and got in front of me, sticking his fingers in my pussy and pulling them out then putting them in his mouth and tells me how good i taste. he lines his dick up with my virgin hole and starts fucking me. slow but hard. at this point i am screaming from the mix of pain and pleasure. he starts to go faster and harder while slapping my ass, leaving handprints all over it. i begin crying from the pleasure and pain while he is going harder and harder with each thrust. he starts to slow down, going just as hard and he starts to cum in me. his cum sets me off and i begin cumming too. he slowly strokes til i stop moaning and he stops cumming. then he sits me up and tells me i’ve been a good girl. i blush and he says “good slut”. he pulls me in for a hug and we lay down on my bed cuddling for the rest of the night (ofc with a few breaks for me to suck his dick and for him to finger me).

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