My first swinging experience pt4 – Short Sex Story

We left off the last portion with me laying down, my wife riding me like an absolute pornstar while I am eating out the other woman. Her husband sitting on the bed stroking his hard cock still wet from his wife’s pussy.

I was absolutely suffocating in pleasure, totally caught in the moment, I didn’t know what to do next. I feel the cum rushing to the tip of my dick while the other girl’s cum dripping down the sides of my mouth. My wife starts moving her hips so I hit her gspot and the girls legs are shaking. None of us want it to end but we are all ready to release and cum so hard.

My wife knows me like the back of her hand, and could tell I was holding on for dear life. She then hops off with the other woman and they both get on all fours facing me. They begin making out, I stand in front of them and the other husband behind them. Both of us stroke our cocks on the edge of cumming. My wife reaches out grabs my cock and starts stroking it with me. She looks at me and says “give us your cum.” They go back to making out as we both stroke my cock and the other wife plays with my balls. The other husband stroking his dick with one hand and fingering his wife with the other.

I can tell my wife wants to be pleased as She reaches behind and grabs the man’s cock. He slides in her while he continues to finger his wife. I stick my dick in the other girl’s mouth. My wife starts to moan my name and holds eye contact with me, while getting fucked by this guy.
I can tell she’s about to cum which makes me so close. She starts to shake and screams out “I’m going to cum, dont stop”. I pull my dick out of the girl’s mouth. Both my wife and this girl stick out their tongues. I begin to cum all over their faces; my wife arches her back and cums letting out a sexual scream.

The man pulls out, flips his wife over and finishes all over my wife’s back and his wife’s stomach. I follow my wife in the bathroom,while she cleans up I slowly finger her to tease her one last time. We both are in shock as we just had our first swinging experience.

Are you ready for an Epilogue of my wife’s pov ?

NSFW: yes

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