My first story

Ive sent a lot of stories to a women I’ve been seeing for a few months. She suggested posting them somewhere. This is the first of a few. If the response is good I’ll continue to post. My confidence is story telling gets better the more I’ve sent her.

I come up your back again and with a snap I release your bra. My kissing moves down your neck until I’m kissing and nibbling on your collar bone. I’m running my hand up under your shirt along your rib, my thumb brushes the underside of your boob sending shivers through you body.
I stand and help you help you off the couch and lead you to my room. As we enter we begin making out and explore each other more. I kiss your neck and spin around to face the bed. I forcefully push you face down onto the bed with your feet on the ground. I kiss from your neck down your back to the top of your ass.
I stand put my hands around your waist and lift and rip your pants off. I rub my hand gently up your inner thighs and across your pussy. My hands moves up to your ass as I firmly massage your cheeks. I drop to my knees and slowly begin eating your pussy from behind with my hands still firmly massaging your ass.
After minutes I stand and release your ass from my grip, I drop my pants to release my cock. I slap your ass hard over and over making you wince and moan simultaneously. I drop down again to eat your pussy sliding my finger into and stopping to eat your ass momentarily.
I flip you on your back and finally my tongue rubs against your clit. I eat your pussy like it’s my last meal as my fingers gently rub your Gspot making you cum hard. I kiss up to take your nipple in my mouth. You reach down and grab my cock leading it to your mouth. You take me in your mouth taking me deep as you stroke my cock. You give me the best blow job of your life as my fingers continue to explore your pussy from inside to across your clit making you cum as you blow me.
You beg me to fuck you. I put you on your stomach and pull your ass in the air. I rub my hard cock along your pussy lips occasionally slipping slightly inside you making you beg me to fuck you. Without warning I drive my cock deep into your wet pussy.
I pull out and make you feel empty. I put you on your back and take your clit in my mouth to make you cum over and over. I roll to make back and you take my hard cock in your mouth tasting the pre cum and your wet pussy at the same time. You sit uo and drop your soaking pussy onto my cock. One hand plays with your tits as the other takes you hard by the throat. You ride hard bucking and grinding.
I put you on your back again get between your legs and drive hard inside you i take your throat in my hand and choke you as I fuck you harder and harder bringing me close until I pull out and cum all over your tits. I put my cock back inside you and fuck you slowly as we make out until my cock goes soft and slides out of you.

Rereading this it almost makes me cringe at how poor it is. But as I said it’s my first of many.
I hope you all enjoyed it

NSFW: yes

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