My first (final part)

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Long read.

So you know, during my college days, when I was 19, That was the first time I let a guy touch me. He was from my tuitions, So we were waiting for our batch to begin at 4 pm, but the teacher said that we have to wait till 4:30 because the other batch had a test going on, so we were waiting on the steps, sitting there. Me him and another guy from our class.
I was never attracted to him, I didn’t see him that way, but he was one horny guy. I know this because of the next four years that I spent with him. So coming back to the story, I didn’t know him well; I didn’t even speak to him much, but to be honest, by the age of 19, I loved watching porn but hardly had any access to it. We had no mobile phones back then, so all I could do is watch on the VCR with my college friends whenever we had a chance.
So while we were sitting on the steps, he took out a magazine and started reading it intentionally right there in front of me. That was a semi-nude magazine named naughty boys, it had photos of bikini models and small sexual stories. So while he was reading this magazine, I was sitting on the other side of the steps, and all I could see was the magazine’s cover. The other guy was doing his homework, so he didn’t notice it.
Since I noticed it, my dirty mind came alive, and I wanted to know what was in it.
I curiously moved towards the other side of the step and peeped into his magazine and took a glimpse of what he was looking and when I saw that girl standing there with sweat and sand on her body in black lingerie, it aroused me. It gives me chills down my spine, but I controlled my expression and didn’t give him a hint of it.
He asked me if I wanted to read it, and I said, ew. No, that’s disgusting, and I am gonna tell on you to the teacher. He panicked and kept the magazine back in, and by the time we could talk more, the teacher called us in. So we left from there and moved into the class. Now that we were sitting in the class, all I could do was think about the magazine and what I saw there; it made me horny and excited. I wanted to read that magazine so severely.
The guy kept looking at me with fear in his eyes that I’ll be telling on him, but I did not; time went by, and we were done with the classes by 7:30 pm.
As the clases got over we all stepped out one by one and I stepped out of the building but didn’t go ahead, the guy came out and said thank you for not telling on him, I told him it’s alright but I’ll tell on you if you don’t hand me over that magazine now. I wanted it, I wanted it so badly that I was not even thinking straight. I planned on blackmailing him but he didn’t bend either. He said no, I won’t give this to you and even if you tell on me tomorrow, I’ll not have this magazine then and you be able to prove it. I told him that let me read it at least, I promise I’ll give it back to you tomorrow.
He wasn’t ready to listen and was leaving, I was standing there disappointed and aroused. He came back and said, okay, I’ll let you read it but I won’t let you keep it, you can read it here with me. I was shocked, I didn’t see that coming. I said no, I won’t be reading this in front of you and definitely not here, he said it’s okay, you don’t have to be shy of me, it’s natural. I said okay but not here, it’s too dangerous. He agreed and told me that lets go on my terrace, I have my spot there and no one usually comes there. this was risky and adventurous but somehow the wondered of doing something like this was making me hornier. I accepted it and we walked towards his building and then quietly sneaked to his terrace where it was dark and there was only one light at the corner and another one near the other wing. He told me you can sit here and I sat. He then shut the door of the terrace from both the wings and sat next to me, he asked me shall we read the book now?
I said yes but please let me read it alone? Can you go and sit somewhere else? He wondered about it for a while and to my surprise he said yes. He opened his bag and pulled out the magazine and gave it to me. After handing over the magazine he told me he’s going towards the other side of the terrace near the other wing, I said alright and thank you.
He then left me there with the magazine and walked towards the other side of the building. I was happy and my heart was racing like a horse. I didn’t know why I was sweating so much but I guess that’s because of the heat in my body. I was aroused, horny and excited. Without wasting any time I flipped open the magazine and went to page one where there was an intimate photo of a girl in a blue bra and panty sitting on a guys lap who was wearing nothing but a white jockey underwear, looking at that photo I got goosebumps. I was touching the page of the magazine as if I was touching the guy and the girl through it. I flipped the page after looking at it for a while and on the second page was a short story about how a guy tricked a girl into having sex with him at the bar, I was reading it and panting like crazy, it was getting hotter and hotter by the minute, I raised my head to check on the guy and he was quietly sitting at the other side and doing nothing at all. I moved my head back into the magazine and as I kept flipping the pages, the photos and stories started getting hotter and hotter, at the 4th or the 5th page of the magazine was a story of a bisexual women who was having sex with a guy and a girl and reading it made me wet, I had fire burning in my body and my temperature was rising, I was losing control and unknowingly I moved my hands towards my legs and started caressing thighs and clit through my jeans. Flipping the pages and reading the book while my hands were working all over my clit and my vaginal lips, I couldn’t feel much so I applied a little pressure on it. I still didn’t feel much as the jeans was pretty thick. I was losing control of my consciousness and giving in the trance of sexual arousal, I unknowingly kept the book on the floor and now touched myself with both my hands, my left hand on my clit through my jeans and my right hand on my nipples. I was squeezing my nipples through my top and rubbing my clit through my jeans, I was craving an orgasm but couldn’t get one maybe because of the lack of direct touch on my skin. I then slowly moved my hands in my jeans and touched my vagina through my panties. Go it was dripping wet, my panty was drenched with all the gooey pre cum that was oozing out of my vagina. I took my hand out and smelled it and god it smelled good, it smelled like the fruits I ate during the date that is pineapple. I liked it and just out of curiosity touched my fingers on my tongue and it tasted a little salty, then I lubricated my finger more and now pushed my hands in my panty and started rubbing the edge of my clit and moving my finger towards my vaginal lips. I was feeling like I am flying, I had stopped think all together and my other hand was now squeezing my nipples and boobs out of my top, I was so aroused that I started letting out soft moans and my eyes were closed. I could feel my body burning with desire and my vagina was like a sea now, I was drenched in my panty and my hand was sticky. While rubbing myself I let out small amount of squirts which made me realise that I am a heavy squirter. While I kept touching myself all over, my body kept asking for more and I couldn’t get an orgasm, I was now getting restless and for a brief moment I opened my eyes and looked at the other side of the terrace and show that guy standing right there looking at me and masturbating, I was startled but couldn’t register what was going on, as soon as we made eye contact, he shoved his dick back in his pants and started looking at the other side. I called him out and asked him to come here, I told him come here right now or I’ll tell on you to my parents and the teacher, he then came running to me and started begging for forgiveness, he said he got carried away looking at what I was doing. I said okay, I won’t tell anyone about this but you got to do what you were doing right here in front of me, he got hesitant and didn’t want it but I told him again that this is the only way you’ll get away with this orelse I’ll tell on you and even say that you forced me to see it. As soon as I said this, he said okay and sat right next to me, now he pulled his dick out again and god, it was my first time seeing a live dick up-close.
I was so aroused that as soon as I saw it, my eyes were stuck on it and I was literally drooling, it wasn’t as big as I expected it to be but since he was 19, I couldn’t expect more from him too. Now he sat next to me and started stroking his dick and I was turned on to the limit, I while looking at what he was doing started rubbing my clit again and this time with more intensity, looking at me do it made him wilder and he was stroking his dick harder and harder, he didn’t even have his foreskin off, his dickhead was still under his skin and I could see some pre cum dripping out of his tip. I kept pushing my fingers in my vagina now and was moving my fingers in circles, I was now moaning more and he was getting hyper looking at me like that, I squeezed my boobs harder now and crumpled my top completely, he could see my cleavage and as soon as I let out a loud moan, he said he’s about to cum. I didn’t reach an orgasm yet and I didn’t want him to cum before I did so as soon as I heard him say this, I asked him to stop. I told him that I wasn’t able to get an orgasm and how badly I wanted it, he asked me if it is okay if he helps me get an orgasm and I asked him how are you planning on doing it? As soon as I said this, the next thing I know was that he had his hands on my boobs pressing them like sponge and his other hand near my neck while he grabbed my face and started to kiss me, I was startled but gave in as I was having the best moment of my life, I was going so wet that I felt like I was peeing. His lips stuck on my lips while his hands were fondling with my boobs. He was sucking on my lips and biting it. He then pushed his tongue in my mouth and gave me all his saliva. I could taste it, feel it and then I gulped it down my throat. My legs were shivering and my stomach was hurting, we kept on kissing and exchanging our saliva. Suddenly he pushed his hands in my jeans, since my jeans was tight, he opened the button and then shoved his hand in my panty. I was esthetic, this was the first time a guy had touched my vagina, I squirted on his hand and gave out loud moans, while he was pushing his fingers in me, he took my hand and placed it on his dick and as soon as he did it, I squeezed it tight and tried to think about what all I saw in the videos and tried doing it to him, he was shivering too. He loved it and I could feel it as his dick grew even bigger, I broke the kiss and his eyes was closed and his his fingers were deep in me, I spat on his dick just like I saw the girl in the video. Oh my god, he left out moans too, I was stroking his dick and spitting on it while he was fingering me and squeezing my boobs. Mhmm. He then asked me to kiss his dick and I felt blood rush through me, I bent over and kissed his dick. As soon as I did it he pushed his finger deeeep in me and I kissed his dick more and was slurping on it and spitting on it. In a minute he was squirming and said he’s about to come, I started stroking and kissing his dick more and to my surprise, doing this made me cum too. Then when I gave his dick a finally slurpy kiss, he held my head and came, he came all over his pants and my hands and a few drops fell on my face too as it was so close to his dick. He kept cumming for a long time and I kept squeezing his dick to take out everything that was in him. I had the best orgasm of my life and I knew that I wanted this for the rest of my life.

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