my first bi experience

I’ve tried sucking cock in the past but it just wasn’t right. I knew I wanted to enjoy it and eat some one else’s cum. My wife’s parents went out of town and she had to dog sit. Lucky for me I was home alone and buzzed. Got super horny thinking about and looking at cock so I got on grinder and invited a guy over. We sucked each other but he came and left. His cum tastes yummy and I was still horny. So I invited another guy over. We both sucked each other. He came first and I swallowed it. He also to a good video which I still wish I had. After he came he wanted to.suck so it did. It was so hot and I’ve sucked cock when my wife is out ever since. I wish I could suck cock for or in front of her. Or I wish I knew a wife or gr that’d let me suck there hubby or bf off while they watch

NSFW: yes

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