My first BBC

After our first swinger party that is it, we are hooked. We can’t stop talking about our erotic adventure. After experiencing fulfilling sexual pleasures in this new lifestyle, sex between my husband and I has to taken on a different feel, it seems less satisfying. I discover myself fantasizing about others and what future escapades would look like.

We often go to house parties where we play strip poker, strip pool, nude twister and numerous drinking games which all lead to taking our clothes off and enjoying great sex. I especially enjoy the attention from guys and occasionally from some of the ladies.

My husband is more interested in watching and occasionally assisting the guys with pleasuring me by helping insert their cocks into my soaking wet hairy pussy and massaging their balls while their cocks are balls deep inside me. I am amazed that some guys enjoy having their balls massaged so much that they have explosive orgasms while inside me. I can feel their cocks pulsating violently as they shoot their loads. I also love for my husband to see their jizz coming out of my vagina.

I asked him once if he was interested in coming over and cleaning me up. To my surprise, he didn’t object and simply replied that he would. I wondered he was gonna do something else but he grabbed a hand towel and gently cleaned up the jizz that had leaked out.

I consider some of the women at the parties to be very attractive. So much so, on occasions I enjoy several sixty-nine sessions with them. I have various intense orgasms when we lick each others pussies, especially when three fingers are inserted in my honey hole while having my swollen clit sucked on. That is an amazing feeling. I think women are so creamy and have an unbelievable taste, myself included. Using big toys is kinda fun, wink.

Gonna more and more parties, I became more interested in the well-endowed guys. There is one guy, Brad, who is nicely equipped with a thick eight and a half inch cock. He of course, is all the ladies favorite. These days it seems as though it takes a large dick to make me orgasm. With a really big cock, I can have multiple orgasms which leave my legs shaking and quivering. My husband loves watching that from a chair nearby while stroking himself to orgasm.

In an effort to satisfy my craving to have something bigger in my pussy, we purchased a dildo which is nine inches long and two and three and a half inches in diameter. It is longer and thicker than any guy who attend the parties. The head of it so big it originally took several tries for my husband to get it past the opening of my pussy and inside. I love how it stretches my vagina out making me feel like I couldn’t take anything larger. But the dildo just isn’t the same as a human cock with real balls slapping against my pussy while being fucked aggressively from behind, or buried deep inside me while I was riding it, grinding to get it as deep as it would go. As it turns out, the more aggressive it is, the more orgasms I can have and the stronger they are.

To my surprise, one night my husband suggested I might want to entertain the idea of a BBC. I had no idea what that was so he showed me some videos online and I couldn’t believe the sizes of their dicks and how aggressive they fucked the women. I was immediately attracted to it. A enormous black cock stretching my vagina more than it had ever been before. I gasped at the enormity of the cocks and how thick they were. I wasn’t sure I could handle something like that.

But my husband assured me that if I took it slow at first to get used to an huge eleven inch cock as it was slowly pushed it in, my pussy would adjust just fine. Especially if I was lubed up really well beforehand. He wondered watching me take a enormous black cock would be the hottest thing he had ever seen and really hoped I would consider it.

After more coaxing by my husband and since he seemed to get really excited about the prospect, I agreed to do it and was really excited about it too. I mean after all, it was his idea and he was apparently was okay with it. He couldn’t wait to watch me handle one of these enormous cocks, so the hunt was on.

It wasn’t long after that I found out three of my female friends who went to the group parties we attended occasionally secretly met with a BBC, Jamal, and the rest of the group had no idea. They told me they met him online where he was offering his services. He had references, STD test results and a staggering 11 ½ inch super cock. They first met with him with their husbands present. According to them, the meeting went extremely well.

Following the initial meeting they meet with him regularly, sometimes individually and sometimes together. They invite me to the next hookup. My husband and I are extremely excited about this new adventure. I’m happy that at least one of my friends will be there to help lessen my anxiety. After all, a BBC with 11 1/2 inches, OMG. When it’s time to meet with Jamal, both my husband and I can barely contain our excitement.

It’s a Saturday afternoon meeting at one of the local five star hotels. We are greeted at the door of the suite by my friends husband. He invites us in the living room where is wife is seated along with Jamal. Both of them are fully clothed. We introduce ourselves and Jamal stands to shake our hands. He must stand at about six foot eight inches with huge hands. I am very intimidated to say the least but try not to show it. I begin undressing him with my eyes considering I know what he is packing under those khaki pants.

After introductions, my friend’s husband, John, serves drinks to help loosen everyone up a bit, although I think my husband and I are the only ones nervous. It didn’t take long before my friend Mary asked me to go back to the bedroom, I assume to discuss what comes next and what to expect. Jamal, John and my husband sit sipping their drinks and chatting. My husband asks Jamal how he got into these arrangements. Jamal explains how common it was for white housewives to desire a black man with a large cock. Many husbands want to watch their wives struggle to take it all. I know my husband can’t wait to watch me take Jamal’s monster cock, to see how far he can get in my pussy before I gasp. I’m sure he is getting hard just thinking about it.

In the other room, Mary explains how we need to totally undress and walk out into the living room where the guys are. She tells me how things are gonna unfold and to just follow her lead. I am shaking like a leaf as we emerge from the bedroom totally nude. My nipples hard as rocks, sticking proudly out and my bush slightly matted down by my underwear. I begin to get wet by just the wondered of being on display for the guys to admire.

By the look on my husband’s face, he is somewhat surprised. Mary has an awesome figure, very petite, small breasts and neatly trimmed bush. She’s probably five foot three. As we walk in the room where everyone is sitting, Jamal rises to gaze at the two of us as we stand before him. I can feel my cheeks blushing as I try to imagine what is going through his mind as he looks me over. Being the gentleman that he is, he said we are stunning, and with that we sit down beside him on the couch, one on either side of him.

Then comes the scary part. We both put our feet up on the coffee table and open our legs a considerable amount so everyone can easily see our parted pussy labia. As close as my husband and John are to us, I was sure they could see both Mary and I are very wet already. I can see the guys are getting hard just thinking about what Jamal is gonna do to our hot, wet exposed pussies. I am getting wetter by the minute with my legs spread aside for all to see.

Then Jamal puts his enormous fingers between the folds of my pussy and feels how wet I am. I’m so wet his fingers slide easily up and down the length of my pussy and gently runs circles around my already swollen clit. I think I’m gonna orgasm right then and there. I think he can sense it because he instructs me not cum, there will be plenty of time for it later. I feel like I’m under his spell and will do anything he tells me to do.

Reaching over, Jamal and feels Mary’s pussy and from the slippery sound I can hear she is perhaps even wetter I am. Then he instructs us to get on all fours on the couch with our pussies facing each other. We immediately comply with his direction. When I am up on all fours I can feel the juice running down between the folds of my pussy and wouldn’t be surprised if it was dripping on the couch. Jamal begins sliding two fingers up and down my slit until he inserts both of his enormous fingers in my opening causing me to gasp as he pushes them all the way in. He begins moving them in and out and in a circular motion expanding my hole as he does. As I moan loudly with pleasure it takes everything in me to withhold from drenching his fingers in an orgasm. I’m sure I would be scolded if I did. When he withdraws his fingers, I can feel my juices oozing out of me. He must be doing the same thing to Mary because I hear her moaning with pleasure.

As I turn my head back toward him, I see him unzipping his pants and stepping out of his boxers, OMG, the size of his huge cock is unbelievable. I mean I’ve seen pictures and videos of one that size but to see it in person up close is breathtaking. I even hear my husband exclaim “holy shit”. I ask him if I can hold it and he moves closer so I can grasp it; it is so thick, so hot, so heavy, words just can’t describe it.

Since I am the new comer, Mary is gonna have the pleasure of his big cock first. While she is still on her knees, I turn and watch. Within minutes he is inside her aggressively slamming his pelvis against her ass and I can hear the squishing of her juices with every thrust. All I can think of is that her pussy must already be stretched enough to accommodate a cock of that size. Particularly how easily it slides in and out of her with the aggressive pounding she is receiving. The sounds she makes are a mixture of agony and ecstasy. I’m sure I can’t handle being fucked in that manner.

Within a short time she collapses after having two orgasms. Jamal withdraws from her soaked, gaping pussy still hard as a rock. His huge cock standing straight out and I want grab it with two hands to hold it, to caress it, to love it. Then I hear it is my turn and calls me little lady. I feel small in his presence, fearful and excited, as I return to my kneeling position on the sofa. He places his enormous hands on my hips and tells me, since it was my first time he wants this experience to be a pleasurable one. He was gonna take it slow and see how it goes.

That makes me feel so much more at ease. As he begins to enter me, I can feel my pussy being stretched with his big thick head. As he pushes deeper I can feel the walls of my vagina expanding to accommodate his size. When he is about three quarters of the way in, he asks how I’m doing. It feels so good I tell him to please keep going. So he keeps pushing further in and I feel the head of his cock pressing against my cervix and onward deeper until I feels his balls up against my vagina. I feel a mixture of pain and ecstasy. I have never been stretched so wide and so deep.

It is at that moment I have my first orgasm, the muscles of my pussy squeezing tightly around his huge cock. My legs are shaking and I discover it difficult to remain upright. He comments on how quick it is, embarrassed I start apologizing and apologizing, I didn’t want it to be over so quickly either. He reassures me I’m doing fine.

After giving me a minute to regain my composure, he begins sliding his cock in and out of my already drenched pussy, with each stroke giving me the most pleasure I have ever had. As his stokes get quicker my pleasure intensifies and I cum again. He moves faster and faster and after what seems like an eternity, I can feel his cock expanding inside of me and I cum again. Then all at once I feel his cock pulsating and pulsating ejecting his seed deep in my pussy as he cums. I am in total ecstasy, never having experienced anything like that in my life. As he withdraws from me, semen pours out of my now gaping pussy and onto the couch. I collapse in exhaustion.

I look over at my husband and John to see they have masturbated through the whole thing, leaving their evidence all over the floor, cocks still in hand. I smile and ask them if it was as good for them as it was for me and we have a laugh.

Mary and I take a shower together to get cleaned up and talk about our experience. When Mary and I emerge from the bedroom dressed and ready to go, the guys are standing around having a drink. I thank Jamal profusely for the pleasure I received and tell him I would very much like to meet again.

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