My First (Asian) Sub Brought The Dom Out Of Me (Black)

A few years ago, I matched with an Asian woman off Tinder who told me she was just looking for something casual. I was to be her first Black man. She was the first person to tell me that she was a sub, and she was the first person I ever sent a dick pic to. I honestly didn’t care about being a dom. I had no experience. I was just happy to connect with someone again and explore more of my kinky side without judgement.

When we met up, I was so excited from our conversations AND she looked better than her pictures, with unusually short shoulder length blonde hair, D cups and a thick ass poking through her yoga pants. I couldn’t WAIT to bend her over…

When we got back to my place, she shyly put her bag down. That’s when I pounced. I backed her up to my table, kissing her. She got on her pretty tippy toes when I grabbed her ass with one hand, massaging her clit her through her wet panties with the other.

When I turned her around and pulled her pants down, I spread her cheeks and dove in – face first. I traveled between her freshly shaven pussy and asshole, while pinching her hard nipples until she started quivering. Then, I threw her to the bed and flipped her over.

As I entered her, her breath quickened and she moaned out an “Ohhhh”. I massaged her clit as I started slow. Then I added more power once her tight pussy became more accommodating. But soon I wanted more.

I flipped one leg over, put her on her side, and pinned down her legs with mine. I took the finger vibrator from under my pillow. I held it to her clit as I leaned over with one hand on her head. Soon I guided her hand to hold the vibrator. With my new free hand, I moved to her throat with the other hand grabbing her hair. Her tongue came out as she started to gasp.

Gyrating inside her pussy, I felt bold to try some dirty talk and asked her “Are you gonna cum on this big dick?”. I slapped her ass, moved her leg up, and pumped harder. I felt her get wetter and begin to squeeze me. Then, with tightened eyes, she stifled out, “I’m cumming” repeatedly until it dissolved into exasperated panting and squirms. She sounded so hot and felt so good, I pulled out just in time to cum hard all over her back.

I really didn’t know I had it in me. I all the time wondered doms dictated everything, but I didn’t feel safe to try some things out with my partners until her. She helped pull new things out of me. (She helped me not pull out later, but that’s a story for another day 😏)

NSFW: yes

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