(M)y first (and only) time as a bull

I had a guy on reddit reach out to me saying they were gonna be vacationing where I live and wanted to know if I would fuck his wife. He said it was his dream to see his wife take a big dick and she was ready for it and wanted to do it this week. Normally I would have said no as im not really into that but something in me said to go with it. We chatted, and agreed to meet up for drinks to meet each other. It was a week day night so the bars were not as crowded. We meet up and after a little bit of awkward small talk he gets to the point and asks his wife if she was comfortable with this and she says yes, I like him. He seems nice. Then she comes and sits right next to me and starts being flirty. She says I will have to take it easy cause she is new to this. I tell them I am also new to this. It seemed to turn her on more that I had never been a bull before. We have another drink then head back to their hotel. When I arrive they let me in and she is already wearing some skimpy nighty thing. She says to sit down on the bed and she comes and sits in my lap as we begin to make out. After a couple minutes I grab her breasts and begin playing with them. She leans back and pulls them out if her outfit so I can lick them. They were a nice size and pretty firm for a mid 30s woman. As I lick and flick her nipples with my tounge she starts moaning a little. After a while if doing that I grab her, stand up picking her up and lay her on the bed. I take my shirt and jeans off then I go down and begin licking her pussy. I flick her clit with my tongue and she starts squirming and moaning so I keep up with flicking and sucking in her clit until she grabs my head and starts screaming that she is cumming. I lean back while still in my knees and grab my jeans to get a condom out, stand up and pull my underwear down letting my dick flip out. She sits up just enough to look and grabs it, stroking it gently and says, wow, it’s so big. I get the condom out of the wrapper and begin to put it on and she says I’m surprised a condom fits. I tell her they are soecial order extra large ones. Once the condom is on she plays with it for a couple minutes then tells me to go inside her. I very slowly begin to enter and only go a little bit then stop to make sure she is ok. Short strokes and I go just a little deeper each stroke. I begin going a little faster as she starts breathing hard. After a little while she is moaning and breathing heavy and panting then I feel her cum. I stop and she says I just came all over your big dick. Her hubby asks how it feels and she says it feels so good when she wants more. So I continue slowly and push in more and more until she says it’s hitting the back of her pussy. So I begin going faster going a little less deep with nice long strokes. It doesn’t take long and she is clenching my back with her hands and the excitement of her cumming against has me ready to cum. I manage to hold out until she cums then I tell her I’m going to cum and she says ok. After we settle I get up and take the condom off and she starts playing with my dick. It starts to get hard again. Surprised by this she asks if I can fuck again and I say yeah, I’m usually good for 2 or 3 rounds. She puts it in her mouth and starts to give me head the best she could until I was nice and hard again. I tell her I have more condoms and grab one. She says she wants to put it on, so she unwraps it then starts looking at it. She shows her husband and says look at how big around this is. It would look like a trash bag on you. Then she turns to me and says can he have this one? I want to see how much too big this one is. I say sure, I have plenty so she goes over to him and has him stand up. He is already rock hard and has his dick out so she puts it in him and says wow, your little dick doesn’t even touch the sides. Then giggles and says I’m gonna go get fucked by a real dick, then comes back over and proceeds to put a condom on me then says she wants to be fucked in doggy. We do that for a bit then I push her down flat on the bed and go prone bone. I can go a little harder in this position as not as much enters her. It’s hot she is loving it and cums a couple more times before saying she is done. She says her pussy is sore now and offers to finish me with a bj. She mostly used hands and told me to cum on her tits.
As we were recovering and cleaning up she look at her husband while rubbing my cum around her tits and says, bet you want to fuck my tits huh? You want to run your little dick between them? She takes her fingers and scoops some and licks them clean, then proceeds to go to him, sit on his lap and starts kissing him while rubbing her tits all over his chest before dripping to her knees and taking his cock and rubbing between her tits. Only took like a minute and he was cumming adding to the load on her tits. I never would have wondered that was hot at all before then but it was. I was rock hard again watching that. She noticed and said oh, you like that? I bet you like me telling him how your dick went places he will never be, how you made me cum more tonight than he has in a month. It excites you to know you are the alpha huh? Her dirty talk was more than I have ever experienced and I was turned on by it. She says I bet you want to fuck me raw, show him how a real man does it? I said, if you think your not too sore we can. She says, I’ll get over it, now cum pull my hair and fuck me, right here, right in front of my husband. So i did. She was standing right in front of him facing him with her hands holding herself up on his legs. I went over and started to line my dick up with her pussy and she said fuck me hard you bull. Don’t hold back. So I did what she said and fucked her hard enough to hear her ass smashing against me making that unmistakable sound. She was screaming and panting the while time. I felt her that rush of warm liquid rush over my dick so I pulled out as she squirted all over. I pushed back in her and went back to fucking her hard. After another couple minutes she was still screaming and said she was going to cum again which set me off and we both came together. I pushed as far as I could and pumped inside her. She collapsed into her husband and I went and sat on the bed. She said she was gonna take a shower but wanted me to wait for her. So her husband and I cleaned ourselves up and got dressed. She came out like 5 mins later all cleaned up and thanked me for such a great time. I told her it was a great time for me as well and definitely not anything I was used to. The husband said it was the hottest thing he ever saw and had never seen her like that before. Said they were definitely going to continue with this for sure.
We said our goodbyes and I went in my way. An evening I won’t forget anytime soon.

NSFW: yes

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