My Favorite Realtor part 12 [M33/F30] [penetration, solo, fiction] – Short Sex Story

As I waited for Jennifer to get out of the shower, I wondered about joining her. I knew I wouldn’t be able to go again so soon after finishing on her, but just watching her wash herself off would have been nice. As I wondered about it, my phone went off and I received a text from Kayli.

K: “So, how’s it going? You fucked her all over your house already?”

T: “Going great. Once on the couch, once in the kitchen. Made her cum a few times. She’s in the shower now.”

K: “In the shower? I thought she would be home by now.”

T: “Nope, she told her husband she would be home tomorrow, so she’s mine all night.”

K: “Hell. Yes. I’m jealous. But, we did have our fun last night. What else do you have planned for her?”

T: “Yes, we did. I’m thinking of making her play with herself for a bit. Then, see how long we can stay up for.”

K: “Send me pictures! And videos! We sent her some last night, tell her to return the favor.”

T: “Will do.”

When Jennifer walked out to the living room a few moments later, she had wrapped the towel around her body. She stood in front of me and said, “so, should I bother putting my clothes back on?” She placed her hands on her hips and waited for my reply. I glanced over at her skirt and said, “you can if you want to. But, they won’t be on for long.”

“That’s what I thought, ” Jennifer replied back, grabbing one end of the towel and pulling it off her body, letting it fall to the ground. “So, what’s the plan, master? Going to shove that big cock down my throat like you did a few weeks ago? Fuck me against your hallway wall again? Make me moan and scream and cum over and over again?”

I smiled at her and said, “all of that sounds good. What would you like to do?”

She wondered about it and said, “I kinda wished you had joined me in the shower. I turned myself on thinking about you pounding into me while the water poured over us.”

“You still turned on now?” I asked her. She told me she was and I told her I knew what I wanted. She stepped towards me and asked what I wanted. “Go in my bedroom, lay on my bed, and let me watch you play with yourself. No, wait, not only let me watch, let me record it.”

She helped me up off the couch and held my hand as she lead us down to my room. Once there, she crawled onto my bed, laying down in the middle of it. She propped herself up using some pillows and spread her legs open as I stood in front of her, pulling my phone out. I started to film as she first played with her nipples before reaching down with one hand and rubbing her shaved mound. As she pinched at her tits, she slipped one finger inside herself, moaning as she did so. As she continued to stare right at me, she started to slide her finger in and out if her pussy. She reached down with her other hand, using it to pull aside her pussy lips, giving me a great view of her finger going in and out. She found her clit, lightly flicking it with her fingers before settling down to rub it with a circular motion. “Does that feel good?” I asked her and she nodded yes. “Do you like to touch yourself?” Jennifer nodded yes again. “Do you like me watching? I’m growing hard as I watch you. I can’t wait to stuff my big dick down your throat.” She kept nodding yes, letting out small moans, her eyes shifting down to my groin when I said I was getting hard. Still recording the video, I reached down, pulling my shorts down enough to reveal my hard member. I pointed it up towards her and said, “when you’re done, I’m going to lay you down on this bed, slap your face with my cock, and stuff it down your throat until you beg me to stop,” I told her. As I said this, her moans got louder and louder until her body tensed up and she came all over her hand. Jennifer pulled her fingers out of her pussy, had her head laying back on the pillows, catching her breath. I took the chance to hurry and send the video off to Kayli before I went to the side of the bed, and grabbed onto Jennifer’s arm. I pulled her towards the edge of the bed, laying her head off the side of the bed.

I bent over her, kissing her lips, our tongues swirling together. Standing back up straight, I took my cock in my hand, slowly rubbing it over Jennifer’s face. I lightly tapped her on both sides of her face with it, then hit her a little harder on both of her cheeks, causing her to moan, her tongue flicking out trying to get to me. I grabbed for my phone again, seeing a message from Kayli telling me how hot the last video was and I started a live video message to her.

I placed the tip of my cock right next to Jennifer’s lips, slowly pressing into her mouth, her lips parting methods to accept me on. I push my rock hard penis in a couple of inches, then pulled back out, pushed in again, pulled back out, I slowly pushed in a few inches, then another inch, and finally pushed in all the way, feeling her throat strech open to welcome my thick, hard cock into into. I aimed the phone so that Kayli could see Jennifer’s wide eyes, her cheeks bulging with me in her. I asked Jennifer if she was ready and she nodded her head yes. I pulled back out, then started to quickly thrust in and out, bottoming out in her throat every time. Slamming against her, I felt my balls slapping against the top of her head as I bucked my hips forward and backward.

I reached my free hand forward, grabbing Jennifer’s left breast as I continued to fuck her mouth. I took her nipple in my fingers pinching and twisting it before moving to her right breast, twisting and pinching that nipple. Jennifer had her hands down by her groin, slowly rubbing her pussy lips as I slide my cock down her throat. I was going harder and faster with every thrust when I felt her other hand tapping me on the back. I slowed down to a stop, pulling myself out of her mouth when she said the safe word, “Simba.” I joined her on the bed, pulling her up next to me so that we were cuddling on the bed, after I had ended the video to Kayli.

“Sorry,” Jennifer started to say, “that felt great, but my jaw was starting to hurt.” I pulled her close to me and said, “no reason to be sorry.” My phone went off and I glanced over at it. “How did Kayli like the videos?” Jennifer asked me, and I responded, “how did you know I sent them to Kayli?” She said, “I know you two. Plus, I figured she would want some after the videos she sent of you two last night.” I laughed and said, “she says you have an amazing body and watching me face fuck you turned her on.”

“It turned her on? It turned me on even more then I already was!” Jennifer playfully said. I reached down, feeling her wet pussy and said, “no kidding. I don’t think you’ve ever been this wet.” I leaned over her, kissing her lips as we adjusted to laying down on the bed, Jennifer spreading her legs as I laid on top of her. Still kissing, my cock easily slipped into her wet pussy, sliding all the way in. I held us there as we finished kissing, breaking the kiss when I started to pull back out. Grabbing onto Jennifer’s wrist, I pinned them above her head, giving me a good handle as I worked up to a steady pace, feeling her hips moving with mine, her moans filling the air every time I pushed my nearly six inches into her. When she wrapped her legs around me, I released her wrist and she wrapped her arms around me, pulling me down until our heads were next to each other. I could hear her moans right in my ear, telling me to go harder and faster until I was jackhammering into her.

When she released her grip on me, I thrust into her one more time, holding myself deep in her as we kissed again. I pulled out of her and rolled over onto my back. Jennifer said, “you done? Too tired?” I grabbed onto her, pulling her onto me, “hell no. Just want you to ride me.” Jennifer placed her hands on my chest, slowly rubbing her pussy on top of my cock, my tip coming in contact with her clit. She reached down, guiding me back into her, sitting down on my member as she leaned down, making out with me. Sitting back up on me, hands still on my chest, she started to rock her hips back and forth.

I wrapped my arms around her back, pulling her chest towards me until I could flick her nipples with my tongue, softly sucking on them, switching back and forth as she continued to rock her hips, riding my cock. I moved my arms over to her front, so as I was sucking on one nipple, I could be pinching the other nipple and squeezing both her breasts. Jennifer set up straighter on me, causing me to release her breasts, but I kept my hands on her hips as she started to bounce up and down on my cock. Placing her hands on mine, Jennifer was tipping her head backwards, moaning out, “Oh God. Yes. Feels so good.”

Watching her ride my cock, I got a better grip on her hips, starting to help her slide up and down, bucking my hips up every time she came down on me, causing her to moan even louder. I felt myself building up, telling her I was getting close. She continued to bounce up and down, telling me how awesome my thick cock felt in her. I reached up for her, pulling her down towards me, pushing as deep as I could go and exploded inside her, completely emptied out my balls. I stayed inside her, Jennifer softly rolling her hips until I felt myself go soft, falling out of her pussy. She rolled off me, cuddling up next to me when I put my arm around her.

We stayed that way for a few minutes before she gave me a kiss got off the bed. We cleaned up in the bathroom, and she went to get her bag while I put on some shorts to go to sleep in. Jennifer shut the bathroom door as I laid down in my bed. I was looking at my phone when I heard Jennifer say, “so, what do you want me to wear to bed? Something sexy, something easy, nothing, or whatever I want?” I wondered for a moment and said, “why don’t you model them for me?” She opened the door a moment later, walked around the floor in front of the bed in a circle, wearing nothing at all. She shut the door behind her, coming out a few seconds later wearing only her pink thong and the white tank top she came over in. After making a circle in front of me, she entered the bathroom again. It took her a minute to change, but when she came out for the third time, she was wearing a pink and black lingerie set. She made her circle, this time bending over when her back was to me, showing me her ass. Before she went into the bathroom, she reached into my shirt drawer and pulled out one of my shirts. She came out of the bathroom with her last outfit, wearing my shirt and a pair of orange panties. “So, what do you think?” She asked, folding her arms over her chest as she asked. “Honestly, it’s going to be hard to sleep no matter what. You’re sexy no matter what you wear. I would probably pick the thong and tank top, but won’t be disappointed if you pick something else.”

She blew me a kiss, walked back to the bathroom. She came out a few minutes later, wearing a new thong, this one black, and her white tank top. She crawled into bed with me, cuddling up next to me. We talked, made out, touched each other’s bodies until we fell asleep.

I awoke early the next morning to Jennifer running her hands up and down my chest, slowly creeping down to my groin. She told me good morning and greeted me with a soft peck from her lips. I told her good morning, returning the peck. She asked if I slept good and I told her that I had. She said she had a good morning present for me, and moved her way down to my groin. Once there, she freed my cock that sprung out of my shorts, already hard, slapping her in the face. She wasted no time, her mouth taking me in as much as she could, bobbing her head while her hand rub my shaft in a twisting motion, going up and down as her mouth did. She was squeezing my balls with her other hand and I warned her that I was gonna come, and that she needed to get off me. Much to my surprise, she kept her mouth on me, sucking on only my tip, as her hand jacked off my full length. I warned her again as cum shot out of my cock, landing on her tongue. She pumped out the last few drops in her mouth before looking at me, showing me my cum in her mouth before she swallowed it down. “Wow” was all I could say and Jennifer, wiping her mouth off, said, “told you I might surprise you with it. Just don’t expect it again. Now, relax while I go make breakfast.”

I laid back in the bed, watching her leave the bedroom, her ass swaying in her thong. I played on my phone for a but while listening to her cook. When she came back into my bedroom, she was carrying two plates of bacon and eggs, handing me one. As I ate it, I said, “after that good morning present, I should be the one making you breakfast.” Jennifer replied back, “Nope. You’re the master, I serve you.” I laughed and we talked as we ate breakfast. When we were finished, I took our plates to the kitchen before going back to the bed. Jennifer looked at me and said, “why don’t you go take a shower and when you get out, I’ll have a surprise for you.” I gave her a kiss and said deal, then walked into the bathroom, shutting the door behind me. As I turned on the shower and washed my body clean, I couldn’t help but wonder what the surprise was.

After drying myself off and taking care of some other body hygiene, I walked into my bedroom to discover Jennifer wearing the pink and black lingerie set from the night before. She was on her hands and knees, her head down on the bed, ass in the hair the fabric around her groin pulled to the side, and her fingers sliding in and out of her pussy. She looked back at me and said, “I’m all yours.” I jumped up on the bed, giving my penis a few tugs to make sure I was hard enough, grabbed onto Jennifer’s hips, and pushed myself into her. I pulled back out to my tip before slamming back in, giving her my full length with every thrust, going harder and faster as she moaned into my bed. I raised my hand up, spanking her ass as I pounded into her.

After spanking her ass a few more times, I pulled out of her, wrapped my arms around her from behind, and picked her up off the bed. I spun her around until she was laying sideways on my bed, and slide myself off the bed until I was standing on the floor, her legs on either side of me. I reached out, pulling her off the bed enough to take the lingerie off her, leaving us both naked. I grabbed both of her legs with my arms, lifting them up on to my shoulders as I guided myself back into her waiting pussy. Still holding onto her legs, I started to thrust my hips backwards and forwards, sending my cock into her even deeper then before. Going as hard as I could, but making sure she was getting my full length. Jennifer had her eyes closed, a look of pleasure on her face, her right hand gently squeezing her right boob while her left hand clinched the sheets by her, soft moans leaving her mouth as I continued to slam into her over and over and over. She opened her eyes up and looked at me, saying, “are you getting close?” I looked at her and said, “yeah, are you?” “I’ve come twice already,” Jennifer said, “almost at a…ahhh…yes…there’s the third. Before you finish, will you stick your tip in my ass? Maybe an inch? I just want to know what it feels like.” I asked if she was sure and she said yes so I pulled out of her pussy with a pop. I used my arms that were holding her legs to lift her up higher off the bed, then used one of my hands to line up my tip with the entrance to her ass. I slowly pushed in until my tipped disappeared and said, “how does that feel?” With her eyes closed again, she said, “it hurts but also feels good. Go in a bit more.” I slowly pushed in another inch and looked up at her. She wiggled her body a bit and then said, “it may heard, but I just came again. Slowly fuck me, see if any more will go in.” I did as she asked, slowly pulling out and going back in, trying to push in a little further every time. A couple thrusts into it, just as I had about two inches in, Jennifer cried out, “simba!” And I quickly pulled out of her ass. “You ok?” I asked her. She opened her eyes and said, “Yeah, I am. Just didn’t think I could take anymore.”

Jennifer slide herself over to the middle of the bed and I laid down next to her. She asked me, “are you still close? Cause I kinda need you to fill me up.” I started to roll her onto her side and said, “I’m surprised I didn’t cum when I left your ass.” With Jennifer on her side, I lifted up one of her legs just enough that I could slide into her from behind, thrusting my hips upwards, sending my hard cock deep inside her. I reached around with my free hand, squeezing her breasts, pinching her nipples, twisting them in my fingers. I moved down to her pussy, rubbing her clit as I could feel my cock pounding into her. With my fingers wet from her juices, I brought them up to her mouth, letting her suck them dry. Going back to her breasts with my hand, I leaned down to kiss her, tasting herself on her tongue that she slipped into my mouth. I broke the kiss, pulling her body close to me as I started to moan, my penis exploding with my cum, shooting deep into her. When I finished, I pulled out of her and laid down on the bed. Just like the night before, she cuddled up next to me, her head resting on my chest.

“That was amazing,” Jennifer said, “I don’t think I’ll be able to walk for a week.” I kissed the top of her head, and said, “then just stay here. I’ll bring you food and water and you just let me fuck you whenever in return.” She laughed, saying, “I wish. If only. But, I need to get home and you need to go get your family.”

We kissed again before she got up off the bed. She found enough close laying around to put on to cover herself up, stuffing the rest into her bag. I grabbed the thong I had taken from her a few weeks ago and handed it over, Jennifer putting it in the bag as well. “I wish you could stay for one more round.” I told her, pulling her into a hug. As she wrapped her arms around me, she replied back, “God, me too. I’m going to be dreaming of your big dick tonight.” I walked her out to the front door, where we hugged and kissed again. I pushed her up against the wall, grabbed her ass, and lifted her up. She wrapped her legs around me, as our tongues swirled together. Breaking our kiss, I set her back down on the floor, opening the door for her to leave. I watched as she walked out to her car, placing her bag in the back seat. Before she got in the car, she looked around, made sure nobody was watching, then lifted up her skirt, flashing me her ass and her thong. She pulled out of my driveway, blowing me a kiss as she did.

NSFW: yes

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