My Favorite Realtor part 11 [M33/F30] [cheating] [solo, penetration, oral] – Short Sex Story

I was really struggling with coming up with a third task for Jennifer to do to earn her thong back. After she had finished my second request and let me cover her in my cum, Kayli had come over, we fucked, and then talked about it. I told her my ideas and she helped me out with some ideas to flesh them out, and discover some time to do them. A few days later, Jennifer was texting me about it and I told her I had some options, but she needed to pick what one she wanted.

J: “That’s fair. What are the options?”

T: “First, you have a threesome with me and Kayli. Second option would be anal. Third option, you become free use for me for a day.”

J: “What, exactly does free use mean?”

T: “You spend the day with me and any time I want to do anything sexual, you can’t say no.”

J: “I would do that any way. As much as you want the first one, I wouldn’t be up for it. You would tear me apart with the second option. Free use option it is. But, how are we going to get that much alone time?”

T: “Crazy enough, that was the easy part to figure out. My wife is taking the kids out of town next month for a weekend. Kayli is going to plan a girls weekend for you, her, and Tara the same weekend. You and Tara will go down to a spa for the night on Friday night while Kayli comes to my house. And on Saturday, she’ll spend the day there with Tara while you spend the day with me before you all go home Saturday night.”

J: “Wow. You and Kayli plan that all out?”

T: “It was her idea for you to be free use to me for a day.”

J: “Sounds like her. I can’t wait!”

The next couple of weeks went by in a hurry. Between work, planning my wife’s trip, and planning time with Kayli and Jennifer, I was dropping my family off at the airport and waiting for Kayli before I knew it. We spent the night together and she left in the morning, letting Jennifer know it was her time. Jennifer showed up at my house around noon, with an overnight bag in her hand, and greeted me with a hug before settling down on my couch.

“So, how was the night with Kayli?” She asked me with a smile on her face. “It was great, how was the spa?” I replied, sitting down next to her. “Amazing. Almost didn’t want to leave. How many times did you guys do it?” I wondered for a moment before saying, “surprisingly, only twice. Once last night and once this morning. But, we got each other off a handful of times in between.”

“Do you even have anything left for me?” She asked me. I quickly replied back, “of course. And with you being mine for the rest of the day, I can take my time.” She laid her hand on my knee and said, “actually, I told my husband I won’t be home until tomorrow, so I’m yours all night, if you want me that much.”

“That is even better. Did you bring the clothes I asked for?” She patted the bag she had brought in with her and said yes and I told her to go get changed. When she came back in, the blonde haired girl was wearing a short, white skirt and a matching white tank top. She didn’t have a bra on, something her smallish breasts didn’t really need, and had left her shoes at the door. When she got in front of me, I told her to twirl, lifting up her skirt as she did so. She pulled it up enough to show me a pink thong she had on, giving me a great view of her ass as she spun around for me.

“Would it be OK if we set some ground rules for this?” She asked me, folding her arms in front of herself. I nodded yes and she continued on, “I would like a safe word, one I can say if things go too far. No ass play. No random threesomes. And if I want to try something you have to do it.”

“Fair enough. What’s the safe word?” Without hesitation, she replied back, “Simba” and I agreed to it. Jennifer then asked, “so, have you had lunch yet? Want me to go make you something? I hear that’s a popular place for a free use slut to get taken.” I laughed and told her that I’ve heard that too, but that I had already ate. I asked her to join me on the couch instead.

Once she sat down next to me, I leaned over, bringing our faces closer together until our lips pressed together and we started to kiss. Wrapping my arms around her body, I pulled her in close, continued to kiss, slipping my tongue into her mouth. I lowered both of my hands down to her ass, grabbing onto her butt cheeks and pulling Jennifer on top of me. I moved my hands under her skirt, grabbing her bare butt, and started to rock her back and forth on my groin, growing hard under her. I started to kiss her neck, softly sucking on her skin as she ran her fingers through my hair.

When I was hard enough, she dropped to her knees in front of me, and pulled my shorts and underwear off. Jennifer kept her face close so that when my cock was freed, it slapped her on the face before she took a hold of it. She wrapped her hand around and started to slide it up and down my shaft, while reaching out with her tongue and swirled it around my tip. She slowly took me into her mouth, still pumping me with her hand, and started to suck on the tip of my cock. I watched as the gorgeous blonde girl, wearing her white skirt and tank top, took the first two inches of me in her mouth, her eyes making contact with mine as she slowly bobbed her head up and down, and enjoyed the feeling.

After a few minutes, I grabbed her head and gently pulled her up to me. I kissed her lips as I reached under her skirt and pulled her thong down and off her legs. She climbed on top of me, using her hands to line my cock up with her pussy and sat down on it. As her wet pussy engulfed me, she wrapped her arms around my neck again and begun to move her hips back and forth as we kissed again. I let her ride me for a couple minutes before I pushed her off me. I turned her around, pushed her down onto the ottoman in front of my couch, and quickly entered into her from behind. I wasted no time and grabbed onto her hips and started to pound into her, going harder and faster with every thrust until I felt myself building up. I pushed myself into her as deep as I could go and came inside her, pumping into her until I was done and fell back onto the couch. Jennifer slowly stood up, and then joined me on the couch, cuddling in my arms.

We ended up falling asleep together, waking up a couple hours later, her hand resting on my naked penis. “Hello, handsome,” she said to me with a smile. I replied back, “that’s the first time somebody has called my penis handsome.” She laughed, giving my soft penis a few tugs. “You know, it’s not fair that I’m exposed and you’re still covered,” I said as I reached down, pulling her tank top up and off her body, freeing her breasts. I quickly leaned down, taking both breasts in my hands, squeezing them, moving closer to her left nipple. I licked around it with my tongue before sucking it into my mouth, gently biting down on it. I was pinching her right nipple with my fingers before I switched, suckng and licking her right nipple, pinching her left with my fingers. I continued to play with her tits until I could feel her squirming underneath me, and I reached down with my hand to feel her wet pussy. I shifted so that I could better reach under her skirt, placing my fingers at her entrance, rubbing her lips softly, feeling her pushing her hips up until I finally pushed one of my fingers inside her. As I continued to suck on her nipples, I slide my finger in and out of her, pulling out every couple of times to rub her clit, before entering back into her. Jennifer moved her hand down, placing it on top of mine, helping to guide me in and out of her. As I started to go faster and faster, she clinched her legs together, pushed down on my hand with hers and moaned out, “I’m cumming!”

As she came down from it, I kissed down her body, until I was in between her legs. I quickly used my tongue to lick up her juices, before darting it in and out, softly sucking on her pussy lips. Uncovering her clit, I sucked it into my mouth, lightly flicking it with my tongue. I brought my fingers back up, inserting one of them and beginning to slide it in and out, still sucking on her clit. Still riding her last high, Jennifer came quickly again, covering my face. When she was done, I came back up, kissing her lips, letting her taste herself on me.

“Wow,” was all that she managed to get out. I pulled my shorts and underwear back on, but when she reached out for her tank top, I snatched it away from her. “Unless you object, I think you’ll be topless for a while.” She smiled at me and said, “of course, master, whatever you desire.”

By this time it was mid-afternoon and we spent the next couple hours just hanging out and talking. Every once in a while, if she was walking around somewhere, I would grab her breasts from behind, and squeeze them as I planted a kiss on her lips. She would return the favor, lightly brushing across my penis, or giving it a squeeze through my shorts. To really tease me, she would make sure to flash me by lifting up her skirt when bending over. As she came back from the bathroom, she caught me staring at her and asked what I was looking at.

“You mean, besides the beautiful, half-naked woman walking around my house?” I laughed, “actually, I was just wondering how you like walking around with your tits out?”

She sat down on the couch next to me, smoothed out her skirt and said, “it’s actually pretty nice. Refreshing.” “I hope you don’t mind me grabbing them as much as I have been”, I told her. She laughed and shook her head no, “hell no, it feels great. If anything, it’s just keeping me ready for what’s coming.” I replied back, “oh yeah? And what do you think is coming?”

She reached out, placing her hand on my shorts and said, “more of this. Lots more.” I twitched at her touch and said, “yes, lots more. But first, dinner, if you’re hungry.” Jennifer said that she was and jumped up, walking to my kitchen. When I asked what she was doing, she said, “making us dinner. Every good master deserves a girl that makes him dinner, right?” I agreed and joined her in the kitchen. Before long, she had looked through my pantry and fridge and was throwing something together. I sat at the counter, talking to her and watching as she cooked. The dinner was delicious and I told her she deserved a reward for it. She told me to go sit in the living room while she cleaned up. I tried to protest, but she wouldn’t hear it so I went into the living room. Knowing that she was half naked, wearing nothing under her skirt and doing my dishes, I grew horny pretty quickly and stood up to removed my shorts and underwear again.

I walked to the kitchen, watching Jennifer as she hummed to herself while washing the dishes. I came up behind her, startling her when I grabbed her hips. She started to ask what I was doing but stopped when I started to kiss her neck and pressed my hard cock against her ass. I lifted up her skirt, feeling that she was already wet and gently guided myself into her as she bend over the sink, giving me access.

Still holding onto her hips, I started to slide out of her, then pushed back in, working up to a steady pace, going harder and faster every time. Hearing her moan with the water of the sink running, I was pushing into her has deep as I could get, finally reaching around to grab and pinch her nipples. Jennifer was holding onto the sink, pushing her hips back into me. As I felt myself building up again, I pulled out of her, pushed her down to her knees and slide myself into her mouth, holding onto her hair as I fucked her face. When I started to cum, I pulled out again, and aimed for her face and chest, covering both with my cum. When I had pumped out the last few drops, Jennifer reached out with her tongue and cleaned off my tip. She then stood up and said, “I almost had to use the safe word when I felt you about the cum.” I smiled at her and told her, “I know how you feel about it, and I just wanted to see you covered in it again.”

She touched her finger to her face, pulling some of the cum into her mouth. “You actually taste pretty good, so, maybe we’ll see. You OK if I go take a quick shower?” I told her of course not and showed her how to use the shower and got a towel for her. I settled down on the couch, waiting for her to get out.

NSFW: yes

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