My favorite pornstar in my DMs?

So I’ve been on Reddit for a while sexting, lurking, rating dicks and whatnot and in one of my many encounters I experienced something very peculiar.
I got a message from someone with a random user account name, you know, those autogenerated. He was nice, polite, very horny, knew what to say and best of all he showed me a pic of him, no face obviously, but I found him really hot, exactly my type. I sent him my pic and he was hooked, he said nothing but compliments bla bla. We started with a somewhat roleplay stuff, talking about what would we be doing to each other and within the conversation we were really interested in seeing and hearing each other so since Reddit sucks for audio and video we moved to KIK. Another of my kinks is the eyes so i asked him to show me his eyes, just the eyes and oh surprise! The picture was perfect, the eyes looked amazing, gorgeous, but they were perfect, too perfect, I mean studio level perfect and that made me suspicious…
I asked him for videos and he wasn’t sending any, just pics of his body. But then I noticed that there was a peculiar mole on his hip in his last picture and out of curiosity went to see other pictures he had sent me and oh my goodness the mole was missing!
Then I started analizing his pics and I realized that none of these were the same guy. Fortunately I had only sent him one video of my pussy and only pics of my ass, nothing too crazy. I felt fooled but I still had a good time with the guy and wanted to give him another chance so I asked him to send me a video of him, I insisted on it and he finally said “ok just give me a minute”. He took like 20 minutes and in the meantime he did say “it’s very heavy I need to compress it” and I wasn’t taking any BS so I told him that was fine that I could wait. I was mostly testing him at this point out of curiosity of what he was coming up with.
He finally sent the video of him masturbating and moaning, however, I laughed. I told him it was over and he panicked saying “what? You don’t like what I sound like?” And then I said “Oh boy, I love how the guy in the video sounds like, I’ve been masturbating to him for a year now”. I recognized the body, the voice, the cock, even the goddamn blanket he was sitting on , I had seen that video many times before he is still my favorite pornstar (if i can call him that because he’s from Pornhub Community) but it wasn’t him I was talking to.
I told him that I knew he was lying and even though he promised to show himself and kinda begged for me to give him another chance I ended up blocking him.
It sucked because he was actually kinda cool sexually but he broke my trust so yeah… Ever since I make sure the pictures match and sometimes migrate to Snap to see if the guys are really who they say they are.
I mean this is Reddit, it’s bound to happen but I’m still careful. I do discover the story pretty funny tho.
Btw if you wanna know the “pornstar” is Teen Factory on Pornhub… He’s amazing to me 🥰 if you guys aren’t moaning like that what the hell are you waiting for?

NSFW: yes

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