My fantasy of being hurt on stream for old male sadists (23m)

I imagine myself being tied up/bound with many machines set up to hurt me. Two pinchers right at my nipples, a paddle at my balls and at my ass, a dildo just above the paddle to enter my hole, and another at my mouth.possibly even a sounding device right at my urethra. My master would set up cameras at all angles and tell me I’m gonna put on a show for evil old men while he runs some errands. He’d set it up so the chat room watching could control any and all machines at speeds and intensities of their choosing while I endure their torture, with a screen in front of my eyes showing me the nasty comments and taunts they want me to see. I’m helpless and scared, and once it’s over my master would show me how much money he made off my suffering before telling me the next day would hold the same fate for me. Something about knowing “gross” old men have a hold on me and my body like that gets me too excited haha.

NSFW: yes

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