My (F30) girlfriend trained her daughter (F19) to be a professional

I have known Sarah for about 12 years now and her daughter Candice who is 19. Sarah moved out of town and now she’s back and coincidentally her house is in the back of my house on the other street. She was all the time a prostitute, I first met her when she was doing that. Before she moved, Candice was a little scrawny girl but now she looks just like her mom. I went to her house and we hung out for a while. I was surprised when she told me that she trained her daughter to be just like her. Her daughter even showed me a menu of what she does and how much it costs. I couldn’t complain about it because it’s not my company. But I was tempted to try a few things on the menu. I will continue this story with part 2 shortly. Thank

NSFW: yes

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