My [F] FWB [M] Fucked Me at His Work

On Friday afternoons, after my work hours, I (Pale, skinny, petite blonde) like to visit my FWB at his work. His office building is only a short walk away from the one I work at. He works on the 80th floor of one of the taller buildings in the city. The views from his office are beautiful.

But most of the time, I’m under his desk to suck him off to help begin his weekend. This Friday was no different. I stripped down, crawled into the space under his desk and popped up in between his legs and undid his belt and pants and pulled down his underwear to pull out his already hardened cock. I kissed its tip before giving it a few good licks before putting his entire ball sack into my mouth and began stroking his stick with one of my hands. It didn’t take long before precum started spilling out from the tip, and I removed his balls from my mouth and began to use my tongue to lick up the clear, sticky liquid. Before I could put his dick into my mouth, he pushed his chair back and told me to get up. I did and he suddenly wrapped his arms around me and began to kiss me.

I reminded him that I just had his balls in my mouth, but he did not seem to care. After making out for a few minutes, he asked me to get up on top of his desk. It was a large desk – made out of nice wood, custom made. I sat on it and winked at him, curious as to what was coming next. He asked me to spread my legs for him, and I did. He reached down with both hands and used his fingers to spread my pussy’s lips. I was already wet and couldn’t help but blush as he began to eat me out. He continued until I began to come and even squirted, leaving a puddle on his desk. I began to apologize and got off the desk so I could get a napkin from my handbag to wipe it off, but he pushed me down so I was bent over his desk. With one of his fingers, he traced around one of the black wings I had tattooed on my back. That hand then made its way down my back and gave my ass a solid slap.

I felt the tip of his cock push up against my pussy’s lips and then, in one thrust, he pushed his whole length into me, causing me to moan. “Fuck…” I said. He firmly pushed down on my back with one hand as he fucked me from behind. I began to come again and he pulled out. Then he began to slide his length up and down in between my butt cheeks, teasing my asshole. His cock was still wet from fucking me. I blushed and pleaded with him to remember to be gentle on my tight hole. He went in and began to push his entire length slowly into my ass. My eyes began to tear up from the intense mix of pleasure and pain of his stick in my tight butt. But without warning, he began to roughly fuck my ass – Pulling out all the way to almost the tip and then swiftly plunging it all in fast after, and then repeat. Tears continued to stream from my eyes and drool from my mouth as my mind began to snap from the intensity. He was relentless, just fucking my ass like some beast. I was losing control, even began to piss myself as he continued. “You’re such a dirty princess,” he told me before he finished off inside my ass. When he pulled out, I began to slide off his desk due to my legs giving out, but he wrapped his arms around me from behind to keep me from falling. He gently moved me onto his leather chair and it took me a while to recover.


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NSFW: yes

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