My ex’s mom. – Short Sex Story

A few years ago back when I was with my ex girlfriend her mom was single and was a fitness milf I’d say (she’s 52) she’s massively into fitness and one day she’d came home from the gym whilst I was upstairs with my ex. Give it about 30 minutes later she said she’s gonna have a bath so me and my ex head out to walk the dog whilst she’s in the bath. I’d forgot my wallet since we were going to walk to the shop as well. Anyways her mom wondered we’d gone out and didn’t hear me come back in, whilst I was upstairs she was parading around naked downstairs (her gym clothes were on the floor in the bathroom. I had to pass the bathroom to get to my gf’s bedroom) I waited a couple of minutes to see if I could catch a glimpse of her naked because honestly she has a body that would make you cum in minutes. I hear her coming up the stairs so I think this is my chance, I pretended I didn’t hear her coming up the stairs and we caught each other half way up. She full on panicked when she seen me but I told her calmly it’s alright that she’s naked and that she’s the fittest milf I’ve ever laid eyes on. She had a bush and both her nipples were pierced, she could see me getting hard in my shorts whilst we we’re still stuck on the stairs by this point my ex had rang me to ask where I was, I told her I couldn’t discover my wallet so she just said she’d walk to the shop on her own. Fast forward 5 minutes later her moms still not in the bath but is in her bedroom rummaging around. I’m sat on my ex’s bed just chilling on my phone after the confrontation. I hear the door of her moms bedroom open ever so slowly and then her calling my name. I didn’t know how to respond so I went and just peeked round her door. She was lying on the bed with a think pink dildo stuck inside her tight pussy. I couldn’t withstand the urge anymore so I pulled out my cock and told her to be a good slut and to work my cock hard. She did exactly that she swallowed 8” of bone hard cock down to the base. She was still plugged up with her dildo in her pussy. She lay back and spread her legs and told me to stick my cock in her arsehole. Tightest. Hole. Ever. I only went for about 15 minutes of drilling her none stop before unloading a heavy load into her arse. I quickly clean myself up and go back to my ex’s bed. Fast forward 20 minutes later I hear her mom farting out my cum in the bathroom. My ex felt embarrassed that her mom was farting but she was unaware she was farting out my cum. Would love to pound her hole again.

I’d love to hear your stories of you fucking your ex’s parents.

NSFW: yes

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