My ex fucked and dumped me in the span of five minutes, and still left me begging for him back. [26F]

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NSFW: yes

So, the big thing to know about me? I’ve got a HUUUUUGE thing for being used and abused. Toy, slave, pet, whatever, just take what you want from me and leave me in an exhausted heap.

However, do to my EXTREMLY conservative parents and the programming that still rests within me, I’ve not acted on many of those urges. Mainly, I’ve only ever actually had full on sex once. I’ve given plenty of -jobs and things, but only done the deed once. So here’s the story.

This was about two weeks before our Senior prom, and we had just got back to his place from taking some pre-prom pictures. This being the first major dance our college put on since the begin of the plague, I was milking it for everything I could. Every picture, every Pinterest idea, anything. My boyfriend wasn’t exactly enthused, but he let me drag him along.

Anyhow, I spent the whole time we did pictures teasing him. Up until now we had only rarely done anything sexual despite my requests/advances, and I was extremely pent up. Rubbing against him, nibbling his ears hell, I even flashed him. And finally, for the first time, it worked. We got back to his house and it was like I flicked a switch. Suddenly he was pushing me, picking me up and kissing me, pulling my hair. He even finally choked me! We were out of the car and into his room faster than I would have wondered feasible.

At this point neither of us were in the mood for foreplay. I was slick from excitement at finally seeing him truly excited, and I didn’t even get my dress off before he was in me. In the moment I was moaning,yelling, grabbing his back. It was amazing.

And then he grabbed me by the neck and pushed me back up the bed, pulling out without warning. He didn’t even look at me as he grabbed a pillow and came into it. No warning. He was just done with me. I was a toy he used and didn’t want to deal with cleaning. In that moment I belonged to him.

And then he threw me for the biggest loop, and dumped me. Not five minutes after being inside me he asked me politely to get the hell out of his house and never talked to him again. I begged and begged but he ended up literally picking me up and throwing me out the door. I had no say. No comment. I was trash to him.

Looking back, I’m conflicted. On one hand, it sucked. I didn’t cum and got dumped. But then the part of me that likes being a toy pipes up. It reminds me of how it felt when he was simply done with me. When I was used up. And I discover myself getting slick again.

I’ve tried and tried, but no amount of begging will get him to take me back. So now I’ll have to discover another adventure to go down, hopefully in a similar way.

Good news is I go to school in the fall and will finally be able to really whore myself out there. Any suggestions?

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