My ex confesses that she still masturbates to me

Me and a friend of mine, who we’ll call Anna, used to date when we were in high college. It lasted about 11 months, not much, but long enough for us to try all sorts of things. We’ve been friends for years now and still hangout together with our group of friends from high college/school. One time when all of us were having a party at Anna’s house, me and her ended up drunk on the couch together. We’re both pretty flirty people so we were touching, cuddling and just close. A friend made an off hand remark that it looked like we were dating again and we both laughed. The night went on as most nights do, all of us drinking, smoking and having a laugh. Me and Anna got to talking about high college, about how once after college we snuck in her parents shed and had sex. And about another time where we were almost caught hooking up in the kitchen of my dad’s house. All good memories basically.

Towards the end of the night as people started leaving, i stuck around to help clean up. It was just me and Anna and her roommate Jess who passed out immediately in her room. Anna was laying on top of me, her head on my chest, the both us fairly stoned. We were still talking about all the dumb shit we did as horny teenagers, when the subject of nudes came up. Me and Anna had sent nudes to each other before and she told me how she still had one on her computer that i sent her about a year ago. Why that happened is a long story, pretty much just drunk and daring each other to do stuff. As she was getting more and more comfortable on top of me Anna confessed that she looked the picture up the night before and masturbated to it. Not only that, but also that she’s masturbated to it quite a few times. She got all red in the face and looked so fucking cute that i just couldn’t help but kiss her. Besides being a massive compliment, what she confessed also turned me on tremendously.

Anna and i laid on the couch together making out when i told her how i wanted to watch the way she played with herself for me. We got giddy like we were two dumb teenagers again and immediately started ripping clothes off of each other. I ended up stark naked on the couch, my growing erection in my hand as Anna slowly slid out of her underwear. She made a little show of it, taking her time to show off her perky breasts and arching her back as she stuck out her soft round butt. I leaned over to spank her left cheek and she giggled excitedly. I told her to lay across from me and show me how turned on she was. I wanted her to play with herself so bad, to show me how wet she got at the wondered of my hard cock slamming inside of her.

Anna moaned as her hand drew small circles on her clit, she licked the tips of her fingers and went back at it. I stroked my dick at about the same speed as she rubbed her pussy and both of our faces were flushed. Anna sped up and i did the same, “Anna, You look so pretty playing with yourself for me.” I felt my cock twitch and had to slow down as to not cum to early. Anna was all smiles as she began sliding two fingers inside of her wet cunt while her other hand kept teasing her clit.
“Show me how you’d fuck me!”
Anna moaned as her tempo increased again. I grabbed hold of my dick with both hands and spread my legs slightly, with vigour i began fucking my own hands, pumping my cock in and out. This seemed to turn on Anna so much that she started whispering: “oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck,” in between hushed breaths. I got so close again but just couldn’t get myself to stop, the feeling of having her pleasure herself to me was electric.

Anna’s legs began shaking and she stifled a high pitched moan, as to not awake her roommate. The sounds of her sopping wet pussy filled the room and Anna threw her head back. Her body shook as she came, her wetness dripping in between her legs and onto the couch. The smile on her face was the cutest i’d ever seen, “you did so good baby, so so good.” I was still stroking my cock, feeling myself get closer and closer. I told her as much and Anna quickly shot over to my lap.
“Let’s not stain the couch anymore than we already have.” With barely a moment to spare Anna took my throbbing dick in between her lips and grabbed my balls with both hands. She sucked me deep into her mouth as i felt myself get pushed over the edge. I held her by her hair as i pumped my cock in and out or her and shot three or four loads of cum, filling her mouth. Anna swallowed happily and kept sucking my dick until it began getting soft.

We went and cleaned ourselves and the apartment afterwards and i promised to take some more pictures for her soon. She said she’d take some for me as well and i can’t wait. Anna is absolutely one of my favorite people to hook up with.

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed!

NSFW: yes

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