My ex begged to give me head one last time 21m

I’ve all the time enjoyed head but this was definitely the best oral experience of my life.

We had dated for a few months, and split up on good terms as we both realized we weren’t compatible. After a few weeks of no contact, I get a text from her late one night out of the blue: “what are you doing right now?”. We caught up a little bit she suggested we hang out at a lowkey parking lot we’ve been to before… I knew immediately where this was going.

I got there first and she got there soon after, I was already hard with anticipation. We got in the backseat and made out for all of ten seconds. She immediately pushed me back and said “let me do this, I need this”. She sucked the soul out of me, I couldn’t help but moan so loud the whole town knew and I grabbed onto her like I’ve wanted this my whole life. I tried a few times to return the favor, and every time I did I was pushed back down and told “just sit back and enjoy”… really hot for someone who normally does all the work. Eventually the scene got to me and I came so hard I was throbbing with euphoria after. She showed me my cum on her toung and held her head back so it ran down her throat.. if I could’ve cum again in that moment I would’ve. I swear a little extra dripped out.

When I asked her why she did this she said “I don’t want to get back together but you’re the only one I like giving head to”. When I asked her what she meant she explained “most other guys just lay there, you’re really vocal and physical, you make things fun”. I guess the guys in my area have gotta step up their game.

I’m sure there’s a moral to the story but none of us are here for that. I hope you had as much fun reading as i did reliving it while writing this 🙂

NSFW: yes

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