My coworker (26F) gave me (27M) a BJ in a work closet.

I used to be a manager for a fashion retail shop that was mostly women and a few guys. I would at all times try my best to stay professional with everyone although, I tend to have a flirtatious side and I love to make people laugh – especially women. I had a co-manager, I’ll call L for purposes here. L and I would often work together I would handle more of the back of house stuff, and her more of the floor manager deal. We would at all times innocently flirt, but knew each other were both taken so it made it all that easier to brush off the comments and jokes. She would at all times wear skirts and had amazing toned, tan, smooth legs.. I loved when she came in with a skirt and a cardigan on – she knew and caught me looks various times I’m sure.

One day she comes in, in an absolute shit mood, and time to time she would just not be feeling it – like we all do right. She explains she just got evicted – I’ll spare the long story as to the reason why. She’s stressed and about being able to get out of her place in time. I send her home and offer to help her after work. She thanks me, tells me she “owes me one” I help her after work for two days and she buys me a nice lunch later that week. We’re square. Or so I wondered.

She comes in that Monday wearing that short skirt. Seemingly in a much better mood. We are setting up the store and she’s rummaging around for display items. Some are in a closet, through a fitting room area. The only place not covered by security camera. She tells me she needs help getting a piece on the top shelf back towards the wall… I go to grab a step ladder and she says, “no I can get to it, just spot me” … she holds on the center of the storage bay and climbs up, and hunches into the shelf… and my god I can’t help but admire her legs and as I gaze up, no panties, ass cheeks and pussy peeking out of her skirt. My dick is tingling. “Got it. Help me down” i reached up and grabbed her under her arms and hoisted her down. She fell back into me pushing her ass into my semi bulging dick. She turned around and let her hand draw across it. Facing me she smiles, says “thanks” and kisses me. I was shocked, excited, confused. I had a gf.. but I just went with it. We started making out. I pressed her up against the shelves and reached my hand down to her wet pussy and played with her clit. She was super wet. She bites my lip as I stick two fingers deep – that’s when she pushed me back. Dropped to her knees and pulled my dick out. At this point I can’t believe it. Still the best blowjob I’ve ever gotten. She sucked on my balls and stroked my cock while rubbing her pussy. I murmured “I’m about to come baby” and wondered to myself did I just call L baby haha. It felt like the biggest orgasm I ever had. My hips lightweight shuttered. She swallowed my cum on one last deepthroat. She stood up, kissed me on the cheek and said “thanks for everything”.

After she walked out I was spinning. Composed myself, made sure my pants looked decent and then went about our day. I felt guilty later bc my gf.. but damn it was amazing.

NSFW: yes

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