My Braless Milfy Waitress Pt4 Final

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On thing I said was inescapable. Cindy did make my day. I did look forward to seeing her. Her accent. Her face. There was no denying I was denying myself a real bright spot in my life.
I found her number. I texted her. “I wish that cute girl from Georgia still waited tables at my neighbourhood bar. I miss her.” No reply.

3 days later we go for drinks. We sit down. Cindy comes up. If there was a cartoon balloon over my head it would show my heart pounding. She says, hi. I’m Cindy. I’ll be your server. Everyone laughed. She brought our beers. She leans over and said, you missed me. I said, yeah, but you missed me more! She goes. Well, that’s true. Notice anything? I get her to lean down. I said, no bra and likely no panties. You got it! I need to gas up that car you know!!! All night when she got close to me she’d kinda smear her tit across my face as she leaned across the table. Then she’d say, sorry sir and laugh. A couple times when no one was looking she’d bend over and flash her pussy at me. Something was a little different. She’d shaved all the hair from the top of the slit to her ass off. She leaned over and asked if I like her new haircut. I said best ever. She cashed out came by and said people must have missed her. Gigantic amount of tips. She says wanna hang out later? Just one drink. I said. Okay. Just a drink.
Her ass looked great with the moon coming in the skylight. Yeah. That whole one drink was a joke. We drove 100 miles and hour to her place ran to the bedroom and ripped each others clothes off. So now we’re back to 1+ month ago 12:07 pretty much and I have lube and a pillow under my Milfys tummy. I remarked. How did you get you bush trimmed like that? She said she went for a Brazilian except she chickened out and had her wax clit to bum hole. Lol.
I put lot of lube on my cock and her asshole. I stuck my finger in her asshole and pushed lube in. She says I think that’s enough. I get my cock at the entrance. I push it in slow. No resistance at all. She’s relaxed. It’s effortless. I go in smooth and it it only squeezes hard at one part. She’s just moaning and saying she loves getting ass fucked. Because it went so smooth I just fucked her at a typical pace. I ended up slamming her ass hard as I was about to cum. She’s whispering blow your big load in me. When she said that I did blow my load in her. When I pulled out cum was oozing out. She was all worried there might be “stuff” on my cock. I told her relax. All good. She goes great but we should go to the bathroom and wash our parts. We stood in the shower and just took the portable shower head and washed our crotch and her bum. And, back to bed. She got me hard again and got on top.
She rocking back and forth and her southern accent is even present on her moans, it’s sexy. She stops and asks if we’re okay. I said. Yup, we’re good. She fucks me nice and slow, deliberate. She spins around and now I view her beautiful ass. Cindy does need approval for now, she’s lost some confidence. I say her ass is sooo fine. It’s got a cute jiggle when it slams down on me. When she raises herself her asshole is visible. She starts to cum at the top and her ass is puckering and clenching. It was sexy hot and caused me to orgasm involuntarily. A first! She’s tired. Rolls off and lays beside me. She hit a switch and the massive skylight opened letting in nice cool night desert air. As we’re laying there she says. It’s gonna be tough to top that sex. She says it was best ever.
I asked if this milf has ever been blindfolded and fucked from every angle and swallowed a mouthful?
She said, maybe next time. She looked over and I was holding her clock in the air. I said good answer!!

The End

NSFW: yes

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