My Braless Milfy Waitress Pt 3

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Ever ass fuck a milf, she asked. Ummmm. No I haven’t, I told her. But I plan on it.

I said, we can do that next time. She looks and says. Ohhh, Ummm. Ahh. There is no next time hun. Sorry. I said, oh, that’s too bad. I asked how it works when need an Über in a gated community. Before she could answer I got up and got dressed. I told her I’d just call from the gate. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and told her I’d see her at beers same as usual tomorrow and left. She looked really shocked when I left.

I got my über and made it home and crashed. I slept like a log. I went to work same as all the time. Me and the regular crew went for drinks. Cindy comes to the table and was acting fairly ordinary that no one else noticed anything, but her eye glances at me were different.
I noticed other things too. She was wearing a bra and she was back to wearing shorts.
She put my beer down and leaned over to say something. I knocked my coaster on the floor to avoid her doing that. I picked up the beer coaster and said, thanks for the beer. I’d been calling her Cindy previously. I now referred to her as miss.
After a couple beers someone got up to go to the washroom and she sat down. She leans into me and asks, what gives? I said what do you mean? She says your acting different. I looked at her and said no one must know about last night. People would look at ME different. Sorry.
After that she was really not on her game. She dropped a couple full trays of beers.
After she cashed out she came and said she set a record for tips. Worst ever! I laughed and said how are you gonna afford to gas up that car? Before she could answer, I said see you tomorrow. And walked away.
As I’m walking though the parking lot she comes roaring up in her old muscle car. She gets out and goes to kiss me. I pushed her away. I said, whoa. You’ve been watching too many movies. I looked at her. I said, you made it clear it was a one time thing. I’m okay with that. Just because all of a sudden you think you overplayed your hand doesn’t mean I undo my mindset on it. Sorry you misread me.
I got in my car and drove away.
The next night went like usual. We talked minimal. No interaction. She looked sad. The night after she wasn’t there. She’d quit. The manager brought an envelope to me. Said Cindy left it for me. To be honest when read it I wondered it was overly dramatic. And her blubbering about “us”. At the end she asked that I please just call. She’d left her cell number. I never called. A few days later as I’m leaving the bar she’s sitting on my car. She says she’s sorry she hurt me. I stopped her. I said, hurt me? What the fuck are you talking about? We flirted. We fucked. You said, sorry, this was a one time thing. I am okay with that. It’s you that is hurt. Your ego can’t take that I’m not a lovesick puppy. Maybe you should get a puppy? Then I said, you know what does sorta suck. I really did like you. Everyday I couldn’t wait to see you. You made my day. Your smile. Your accent. You’re gorgeous. I liked everything about you till 12:07 a.m. two weeks ago. That’s what your digital clock read when you said “sorry”.

Bye Cindy.

End Part 3 (it’s not over) watch for 4

NSFW: yes

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