My boyfriend regularly had orgasms with my aunt in the next room while she wondered I was asleep. [23F- 28M] [Oral] [Hard Play] [Teasing] [Stripping]

My Aunt [F]43 stayed for a couple of nights since she was having problems with her new marriage. Because she enjoys alcoholic beverages, we have access to all the juicy stories—or lack thereof. A nightgown devoid of both sleeves and legs, that’s what she was wearing. Since she had a tendency to forget to keep her legs together the more intoxicated she became, my boyfriend [M]31, who already had a minor obsession with her, had had a few glances of her nipples sliding out and had long views of her pussy.

My boyfriend and I heard her bawling across the guest bedroom wall on the last night of her stay. By 2 o’clock in the morning, it was already past midnight. Obviously she was in the midst of sexual activity.

When my partner pulled back the blanket to show me his hard as a rock dick, I got quite aroused from all the noises we might make together. Eventually, I got tired of sucking on him and climbed right over him. Just a few minutes into grinding on his dick, I was already well-built and drenched. I had to seriously gnaw on a cushion to muffle my sobs lest my auntie overhear them.

In the midst of his bottom fucking, my partner asked if he could also “satisfy” her. Since I already distribute him with others, I don’t see any issue with that. As long as my aunt didn’t understand, I had no issue with her getting the assistance she obviously needed.

After he got out of my pussy and slipped some boxers over his obviously still hard cock, he walked out and slammed the door to the guest room. In my most unconscious state, I overheard him mentioning to my aunt that he had heard her through the wall. Her call for him to come over here was the last thing I heard her utter in understandable English. No one seemed to be talking to each other after that!

As best I could, I both recorded the music through the wall and masturbated to it. In case you weren’t aware, she hums rapidly and repetitively. Extremely hot weather, or a heatwave.

My amour returned to our room 20 minutes later, beaming from ear to ear. Even before I could inquire as to the particulars, he rolled me over and gave me a hard fuck, and this time I had no choice but to submit. In this moment, I could tell he wanted my aunt to hear us fucking. I yelled out for help the whole time, but he continued to beat me until he reached deep inside of me.

I wanted some details right before we turned in for the night. He went on to explain that my aunt had summoned him over because she had seen him standing at the foot of the bed without any clothes on. She stripped him down to his underpants and immediately proceeded to deep throat him. He’s revving the engine on his lorry and letting off a ferocious howl.

As time went on, she sat back and crossed her legs. He commented that my aunt and I had strikingly similar-looking pussies, with the exception of her somewhat larger clit and her pussy gaping visibly more. She let him shove his raw cock inside of her after spitting on her palm and massaging it into herself.

My guy enjoys pinning one of your legs down in this position. Raise one foot so he may circle your clit while nibbling on your toes. In the process of taking all of your leftover sweets. He said she was so into orgasming on his cock that he lost control and blew his whole inside of her. She expressed gratitude and requested that they not dwell on their conversation more. Soon after, he returned to our room.

The pain has subsided considerably by the next day!

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