My Black Girlfriend Takes His BWC like a Good Girl

She was slobbering all over his cock. He was moaning as she sucked on the top, stroking the rest of his shaft with her hand. I rubbed my fingers in and out of my wet pink pussy as I heard the wet, messy sounds coming from her mouth. He was getting louder, he must’ve been close. She took his cock out of her mouth and stroked it fast. He was clearly enjoying it but I didn’t care. As cruel as it is I really just needed him to cum all over her.

Finally he did. He sprayed his thick white cum all over her gorgeous black skin. She looked like a beautiful mess, cum all over her pretty face and perfect chocolate tits. My mouth was watering. I crawled over to her and started to clean it all up with my tongue. Then I fed it to her from my mouth.

He stood nearby, still hard as stone, stroking his cock. What a champ, I wondered. He was enormous, at least 8 inches and so thick. I could feel her shaking. She was wet.

She loved me but she loved cock almost as much. I knew what she wanted. Even if I don’t like it she loves it. This was my present to her. I looked at him,

“She needs to be fucked. So fuck her.” I said to him. He nodded. She was whimpering and shaking. She needed to be dominated, and I was trying my best.

He positioned himself on top of her, I laid next to her petting her head and kissing her neck. He put his big white cock inside her finally and her whole body tensed up. She came once already.

He tried to go slow, but I could tell on his face that he was struggling. I knew it all too well. She was perfect, once you started, you couldn’t stop.

Fuck her.” I said once.

He broke. Pounding into her hard and fast while she whimpered and moaned. I was whispering in her ear.

“Take that cock. Take it like a good girl.” I loved that look on her face. The way her brown eyes widened as she took his entire cock inside her. I was fingering myself and moaning along with them.

I knew she loved the way he was fucking her raw. Such a naughty girl. Such a naughty naughty girl. He was getting closer, she was growing impatient.

“You want all that cum deep inside you don’t you?” She nodded. “Tell us you want it.”

“I want it…” she whimpered quietly.

“Want what?”

“The cum…”

“Say it louder.”

“I want the cum…”


“I want the cum! I want the cum! I want the cum inside me!” She was screaming out adorably. I looked at him,

“Give her what she wants.”

He pounded hard and fast. She came so much, making a mess. I could feel myself cumming just as he stuffed all of his cum into the love of my life’s perfect pussy.

He pulled it out and I got to watch his cum leak out of her. I licked it from her pussy, it was delicious. She huffed and puffed with satisfaction. I petted her head and kissed her.

“Good girl.” I said as she drifted off to sleep on my chest.

NSFW: yes

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