My biggest (F)antasy

I’ve been invited to a house party by one of my mates. I’ve at all times been “one of the guys” and it won’t be the first time I’m the only girl at a party. Most of the evening is pretty uneventful. We do shots and giggle about whatever inside joke we’re on at the moment. We begin talking about sex and the mood quickly gets horny and playfully flirting. There’s about 7 guys left and me, the rest have gone clubbing. I’ve already hooked up with half of them at parties before. “How about truth or dare” one suggests. We spin a bottle and of course it lands on me. “Dare” I say without skipping a beat. “Suck off whoever the bottle lands on next” I blush and giggle but spin the bottle. It lands on the guy opposite me. I get on my knees in front of me, opens his pants and begin sucking the best ive learned. He spins the bottle “next one gets to pull of her clothes”. Doesn’t take many spins before I’m completely naked on all fours on the floor. Getting spitroasted while someone else films. “Fuck I’m cumming” I hear from behind me. Feeling the sharpie make another mark on me, keeping track of how many creampies it has been. Cum dripping down in a puddle on the carpet as he pulls out of me. Doesn’t take more than a couple of seconds before someone else takes his place.

What do you think? Would that be someone you would do with me irl?

NSFW: yes

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