My bf have a lot of s*x

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**Not a fantasy**

I (f21) have been dating my bf (24m) for over 3 years. We got sexual active just after 3 weeks into dating and he lost his virginity to me. From the begin he used to last quite long in our rounds as well as in number of rounds to the point where I started believing that he’s on some sort of medication. But even after 3 years and having sex almost every couple of days, it has not gone down but up. I don’t mind it ofc but it’s alot.

Like this weekend we decided to be together for the whole day as we were busy the whole week. We started at 11 am and stopped at 8 pm at night (that too because his phone was ringing like crazy and he had to go for work). Took break to eat and cuddles for an hour or two. But we were on it for the rest of the time. He went 9 rounds, whereas I lost the count on how many times I came. When I went home my p*ssy felt the same sensation when you’re on beach whole day and even after coming home you feel like waves are hitting you in your bed. The next day it felt like I’ve been hit by a bag of bricks, too tired and sore even after sleeping 13 hours straight.

I don’t think this is ordinary, compared to anyone I’ve been with in my past and the guys my friends have been with. Ofc I love this but not the toll my body takes afterwards. I tried to lower it but he just gets moody if he doesn’t get it. He’s a sweetheart and literally perfect human for how he treats and care for me, I’ve never met a caring and understanding person as he is to the point where it feels like he’s reading my mind and never once in 3 years fought me over anything (we never had a SINGLE fight in 3 years) he communicate with me and make sure I’m on board. We went a month and half without sex because of some problems I had which I had to deal with but throughout the not once he tried to push me to do it.
I feel bad saying no to him when he’s in the mood even after a few rounds. I’m just thinking if this is ordinary.

NSFW: yes

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