My bf fucked the stress right out of me [fm]

Last night I (30f) left college (stressed as usual) and couldn’t bear to go back home and work on my projects like I normally do. So, instead, I called up my bf (34m) and vented to him while sitting in my car. After my rant, he said in his soft, calming voice that I work too hard and I need to take time for myself once in a while so I don’t burn out. I agreed and felt a little better.

But then he said something else: “by the way, the selfie you sent me earlier was so sexy… I got hard and couldn’t help but play with myself a little before I got out of bed. Why don’t you come over here for a couple hours and I can help you relax?” I could immediately feel myself becoming moist.

“Oh yeah? You want to fuck the stress of finals out of me?” I purred into the phone.

“Absolutely, sweet heart. Get your sexy ass over here” I immediately put my car into drive and made a bee line to his house.

By the time I was parked in his driveway, my bra was off, my hair was up in a blowjob bun, and my panties were soaked. We ran to his room where I dropped to my knees and opened my mouth. He smiled sweetly at me and stood me back up “not tonight baby- it’s all about you right now” he slid his fingers into my panties and gave a triumphant sigh when he felt how soaking wet I was.

He pushed me back into his bed and undressed me- he threw off his shirt and pulled his joggers down, releasing his huge, rock hard cock. He leaned in and kissed me passionately… while simultaneously sliding his thick cock into my waiting pussy. He gave me long, deep thrusts that made me moan with pleasure. His thumb gently massaged my clit.

As his pace picked up, I could feel my full DD’s bounce with the rhythm of his thrusts. His hands gripped at my waist- his eyes were glued to my chest. It was as if he was hypnotized- he leaned in to kiss and fondle my tits with his mouth several times. My legs gripped him tighter as I could feel myself start to edge. He could feel it too, because he was suddenly flipping me around, onto my hands and knees, facing the mirror across the room.

He shoved that huge cock back into me and an erotic yelp came out of me, completely involuntarily. I was at his mercy now- I could feel the orgasm start to create as his grip tightened. My eyes were fixed on the scene in the mirror- his face was determined, mine was overcome with a thirst for his touch. My moans became erratic grunts as the thrusts became faster. My tits bounced rhythmically; I was so turned on. “Ffffuck baby, your gunna make me cum.” I moaned.

“Thats it baby. You’ve been working so hard. Cum for me, baby. You de. Serve. Every. Inch!” My pussy tightened and a hot rush of my juices enveloped his amazing cock. He gave an orgasmic moan and pulled out at the very last second, shooting ropes of cum all over my back and even in my hair. I laid there on my stomach, panting and satisfied as he sat back and looked at the fruits of his labor…… then before I even had time to say a word to him, he started fingering me, and within seconds I was cumming AGAIN. I even ended up squirting a little (he was so smug about that).

It took quite a few minutes for me to come down from my high (and even longer for me to walk) but damn did I need that.

NSFW: yes

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