My BF (26M) and I (24F) fucked in his car before getting caught by the cops


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Disclaimer: This happened when I was 24. Better posted late than not at all.

My then BF (we’ll call him Todd) and I went out to our favorite seafood restaurant to celebrate his new promotion. After dinner, he announced he was driving us to my favorite lookout. This lookout was pretty famous for all the obvious reasons: at night it was dark, secluded, and very quiet. The lookout was about 20 minutes away, but he couldn’t wait to get started. On our way there, Todd rubbed his free hand between my thighs, slowly inching my legs aside. He shifted my panties to the side and slid his finger into my wet pussy. I reached over, unzipped his pants and felt the tip of his penis. He already had pre-cum seeping through the fabric of his boxers. I pulled down his boxers and rubbed my thumb all over his head. Todd looked over at me and licked his lips. I knew exactly what he wanted – road head. At the next stop light, he unbuckled his belt and slightly pulled his pants down. I leaned over and wrapped my lips around his pulsing member. Todd pushed my head down as another car pulled up to the stop light, but I knocked his hand away. “Let them see”, I said. Todd’s breaths were getting shallow as he concentrated on not crashing. I kept sucking his hard cock until he tapped my shoulder – we made it to the lookout. “Aww, I didn’t make you cum”, I pouted. Todd rolled up the windows and smiled: “You can finish me off the way I like”.

Todd reclined his seat back and dropped his pants around his ankles. I slid off my wet panties and I climbed over to his seat. I accidentally leaned too far back honking his horn, which we both laughed at. I slowly lowered myself on his dick and began gyrating my hips. He spanked me hard as he bucked his hips with me. Todd was normally a shy, reserved guy, but something about our surroundings brought out this wild side to him. I bounced higher and higher, almost hitting my head on the ceiling. I rode him so hard, you would think the car was on hydraulics. Without warning, he tossed me back into the passenger seat. I was stunned, but then Todd climbed over and reclined my seat. “Relax baby, I’ll get you there”. Without another word, he thrust his dick back into me. I raked my nails down his back, down to his butt cheeks, pushing him deeper into me.

Just then, I saw headlights coming up the hill. As there are houses past the lookout point, I didn’t think much of it,… Until I saw blue lights flashing. “Oh shit, cops!” I tried to push Todd off me, but he kept going. “I’m not done with you”, he growled. A rush of adrenaline surged through me as I saw the lights getting closer up the hill. The patrol car pulled up right behind us, and all my thoughts went out the window as I was inches away from orgasming. Todd let out a loud grunt as I felt my pussy tighten around him. I saw the police officer in the rear view mirror and without missing a beat, Todd threw himself back into the driver’s seat and pulled up his pants over the cum-filled condom. Thankfully the windows were too fogged up for the officer to see inside, so we were able to get decent before he knocked on Todd’s window. Todd rolled down his window and smiled: “Hi, Officer. Everything ok?” The officer gave a suspicious look, seeing us disheveled and a bit out of breath. “You guys been drinking tonight?” I shook my head, “Not tonight, we have work tomorrow.” After a few minutes of looking around Todd’s car and some judging looks, the officer seemed satisfied we weren’t doing anything illicit and said: “alright, get a move on; this isn’t a parking lot.” Relieved, Todd said: “Will do. Have a good evening, officer.” As the officer walked away, Todd searched the floor blindly for his keys, but instead found my undies. I reached for them, but Todd shoved them in his pocket and said:

“Like I said,… I’m not done with you.”

NSFW: yes

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