My Best Friend’s Girlfriend (Part 3)

Hey everyone.

For those who have been asking for updates, I finally got one for you guys.

For those who are new, check out the first 2 parts for the full story. And for those who are curious, yes, it is a true story but with made up names and locations. Can not tell anyone I’m acquainted with so I’m letting it out here on Reddit.

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The last time I posted, my good friend’s (Daniel) girlfriend, Michelle, gave me some amazing head while he was passed the fuck out on my couch. That was over a year ago. Since then, Michelle and I would secretly kiss and grope each other in those brief moments we had at parties and get togethers. For instance, we would find 15 seconds in the hallway alone at a party and make out and grope each others parts. We never text each other and things happen only at the spur of moments.

We haven’t done anything beyond those moments for over a year until this past weekend. To get you guys up to speed, Daniel and Michelle have been in Vegas for the past month spending time with Daniel’s family. This weekend, Michelle came back to town a few days before Daniel as he’s staying about one more week with his family. Guess who she hit up????

She called me Saturday night, let me know she came back early, and asked if I wanted to hang out. My cock swelled right there as I imagined what could potentially go down that night. Around 8 pm, I picked her up from their place and took her to a bar. We had casual convo (no sex talk) and took quite a bit of tequila shots. I asked how things were with Daniel and she said they were alright but wished he would be more vocal at times and stand up for himself when the situation called. She jokingly said I should teach him how to be more vocal. It was a joke, but my dick got hard thinking she was implying I was somewhat superior to Daniel.

We ended up getting pretty damn buzzed and the alcohol started making me think more with my cock (though I already was). I started rubbing her legs with mine and up to her inner thighs. She looked deep into my eyes, held a mischievous smile, and stayed silent. I asked if she wanted to pick up some weed and go to her and Daniel’s place. She said yes with a smile, I picked up the tab, and we left the bar. I checked out and caressed her perfectly fine ass on the way to the car in the parking lot, and she offered no resistance.

We picked up a joint at a nearby dispensary, smoked in on the the way to their place, and listened to some sexy latin music.

When we got to their place, I asked if I can use the restroom real quick. After I finished, I walked into the living room but she wasn’t there so I checked out their bedroom, and damn… she was already fully naked and laying on her back on the bed. Her perfect nipples were just aaaasking for some attention. I knew she was on a good buzz and high and feeling horny asf. I took off my sweater and shirt, approached her on the bed, and started making out with her hard. She moaned as we made out and reached for my cock without hesitation.

She sat up while we were still making out and started undoing my jeans. She slipped my jeans and boxers down and my cock jumped out like a gun. With her tiny right hand, she held my cock. Knowing that she told me I was much bigger than Daniel before made me feel fuckin huge. She started sucking my dick like she missed it a lotttt. Fuuuuuck. Getting hard as I imagine it again.

She sucked on it for a while, and asked if I had a condom. Of cooooourse I did! I brought it out from my pocket and she helped me slide it on. She then immediately turned over in the doggystyle position. Clearly, she wanted me to fuck her from behind. She had her legs spread wide open and she let me gaze at her asshole and her wet as fuck pussy. Fuuuuck. She said a moan, “fuck me”.

I held my cock in my right hand and guided it into her dripping pussy. Fuck, it was tight and gripping my cock. Seems it got smaller again after all this time. She instantly moaned as I pushed my cock into her pussy.

I started slow then picked up speed. With one hand, she started rubbing her clit vigorously as I started fucking the shit out of her pussy. She was screamingggggg. Fuck this was amazing. After just a few minutes, she screamed, “i’m gonna cum! i’m gonna cum!” and let out a loud moan. goddamn, I knew she just climaxed.

I slid out of her pussy and asked if I can cum on her face. She said yes and knelt beside my cock. I asked her if Daniel has done that to her yet and she said he’s still never have. I knew then that I was the only one to cum on her face – twice! I took off the condom, jerked off my cock and knew an explosion was coming. As I felt a hot blast rising from the base of my cock, I held on as long as I could then grabbed her head and blasted cum all over her sexy face. Fuuuuuuuckin A. I didn’t have to worry about being clean this time since no one was coming home for a week. She just knelt there, dripping in my cum. Fuck, I just fucked the shit out of and cummed all over Daniel’s girl. Why the fuck is this so hot to me? I’m definitely fucked up, but damn, how can I resist this girl?

I grabbed some tissue for Michelle and she started wiping my cum off her face and body. We went to the restroom together and she washed her face. I made out with her for a while in there, then let her know that I should go.

There’s a few more days before Daniel comes back to town. He has no idea of what’s going on and trusts me a lot. What do you guys think? Should I see her again? It is a fucked up thing and I don’t know how the story is gonna end when it does. But I gotta be honest, my dick gets hard just thinking about her..

NSFW: yes

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