My Best Friend’s Cousin [26M and 26F] [Public Nudity]

I remember the first time I really started to ‘notice’ her walking through the halls. The perfect curves matched with a gorgeous smile. Everyday was a pleasure getting to see what sort of outfit was gonna hug that tight ass and busty chest.

I knew I needed to get her attention but how?

The summer came and long nights swimming and having bonfires pursued. My best friend had a perfect swimming spot to have people come over and relax. Time and time again, the invite came through and each time, there she was.

Sitting around the bonfire, I watched the water trickle down her body outlining her breasts. A towel draped over to cover only a small portion of her body. I stared in awe, imagining myself revealing what was underneath. “Fuck” I wondered to myself, I need to talk to her… I need her.

The next day came and I had had enough, this was gonna happen. I reached out and started a very bland conversation not knowing how to get through that I wanted to do dirty things to her. She was talking to someone at the time so inevitably I wondered this would end as soon as it started. The conversation changed course and before I knew it, the curiosity got the better of me.

Complimenting her “you know you have a sexy body right?”

Her shrugging off the compliment “oh you’re just saying that, I don’t think so”

“I’m serious, I was looking at you the other night and couldn’t stop staring” I responded quickly

“Well thanks…” she said

“I’d love to see it sometime…” I sent. Why did I just do that? She’s gonna be so weirded out now.

“Haha, Idk. I’m talking to this guy right now and I’m not sure I want to do that” her following up.

“Oh… All good, I was getting ahead of myself” nervously trying to cover for my horniness

The conversation started to die down and I figured I just blew my chance of ever seeing those perfect curves in person. Three days went by and still no talking so in my mind it was over…. Until, she messaged me.

“Still want to see what’s underneath” she said

Playing it cool as my excitement grew along with my rising dick “yes please”

“I’m not going to show the whole thing though” making it clear what she was okay with doing

“I totally get that” sucking up to her just to make sure I don’t blow this opportunity

She sends a picture of her in white lingerie. Her breasts spilling out and barely covering the nipples. The thong hiked up high on the hips, detailing her perfect slit underneath. My dick nearly busting through my pants. Precum immediately oozing from the tip. I complimented her up and down hoping to see more but knew it might be a long shot for today. “I need more” I wondered to myself as the image of her body ran through my mind, stroking my dick to what I would do to her in person.

Over the next couple of weeks, we continued to talk. Getting more and more personal each time, detailing kinks and revealing more of our curiosities. Come to figure out, her fetish’s/kinks aligned with mine almost perfectly. She started to reveal more of what was underneath her clothing, each time making me cum harder and harder. Screenshotting each golden picture to make sure I could look back at them. “I need more”, my desire for her becoming stronger as we continued to talk but having no place to meet up to continue or dirty escapade. Until we met back up for a daytime party at my best friend’s place.

He had lots of land so plenty of room to just wander off without being noticed. There were plenty of people at this party and I’m looking at her from a distance, my heart racing and my mind beginning to conjure only one wondered. “I have to see her naked” I smile pulling out my phone messaging her to meet back in this opening. Me going first and then her following close behind to not draw attention to the fact that we were sneaking off.

I walk back taking my time to not make it obvious that I was anxious about something. My heart beating faster as I’ve waited for this moment for a long time. I turn my head and see her coming, yellow shirt on with gray shorts hugging close to her ass. She glances at me for a brief second walking by me slowly as I admire every inch of her body. I walk behind her, reaching around, firmly squeezing her breasts in both hands. Her body backing into mine as I instantly get hard, feeling her ass press into my bulge. I start lifting up her shirt, gently revealing the purple bra standing in the way of me seeing perfection. Her cleavage spilling out. I unhook her bra from the back, letting her breasts gradually fall from the support. Mesmerized because they are even better in person. I bend my head flicking my tongue on each nipple, bringing my hands in to squeeze them as I tease. Her head leans back as soft moans escape her mouth.

My hand begins tracing the outline of her curves as I’m still sucking on each breast. They discover their way down to her shorts line, fumbling for the button to undo them. I start to pull them down revealing a soaked thong holding tight to her slit. Proceeding to pull them down, I bury my face in her perfect pussy. Being inexperienced at the time along with nervousness, my focus was drawn from eating her out to just fingering her. I stand back up guiding my fingers to the outside of her dripping folds, guiding my fingers inside. She let’s out a bigger moan of pleasure as I continue fingering her. Continually stroking in and out, her knees get weak leaning on me. My hand getting soaked from her juices only turn me on more. I feel her fumbling for my pants, undoing them and grabbing my precum soaked dick. I take out my fingers and rub my dick on her pussy, trembling in pleasure before I watch as she begins to get down on her knees. She strokes my dick for a bit before I feel her hot breath take all of me in. With how turned on I was mixed with her nakedness, it wasn’t long before I felt myself needing to cum. My breathing intensifies which she picks up on and starts sucking faster, stroking as she goes. I moan out “fuck” as I start cumming, ropes filling her mouth as she devours it all.

I smile as she stands up. We start getting dressed, talking about her walking back first and then I’ll wait for a bit before following behind. Thoughts running through my head, I knew I would need more of this. I knew I would crave the touch of her tongue on my cock again but when? Does she want to do this again as well?

NSFW: yes

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