My best friend the bad ass!

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NSFW: yes

My friend got back from the military and I was so happy to see him , his family was the nicest fam on the planet and really helped me and my brothers out in methods we couldn’t put into words . I took him out to eat to a nice steak house and then took him to a friends store to get some free merch . We talked and laughed and I was happy to have a friend that I could talk to and plan things with . He told me he was tired and prob was going to take a long nap and I told him I had one big surprise for him and I took him to my apartment and walked him in to my place and told him to sit on the couch and close his eyes . My girlfriend came out with her best friend , both girls butt naked and they were about to perform oral sex on him . I left the room and went to my bedroom and a half hour later my girlfriend walked in with her mouth drenched with my friends nut all over her face and she told me he was sexy and really had fun . Her best friend stood back with my friend trying to to cuddle with my buddy but my friend texted me telling me he was gonna have to go home to his folks , he had plans the next day so I took him back to his folks and he thanked me and told me the girls were amazing and he never got his soul sucked out like that , ever ! And he really liked how tight the brunette was , I told him she was my girlfriend and his jaw dropped and he smirked and told me I was a crazy motherfucker! I told him my girl really liked him and wanted his number afterwards and I told him one night we could all have fun (he knows I’m bi)(open relationship type of guy)

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