My best friend railed me on the first date {f/f} pt 1 – Short Sex Story

It’s date night. Our very first date. Filled with laughs, smiles, and cherishing those small moments. A night filled with making her feel special, as she deserves. The dinner and the entertainment don’t drown out the desire. The whole night we flash glances at each other or makeout heavily in the car in between. The desire full of us wanting one another. The back of the car looking so right for the moment. We somehow manage to procrastinate each other, in an attempt to save the passion for when we are truly alone in a bed or our own. She made it hard, looking at me the way she would, her eyes begging me to fuck her right then and there. Our kisses so good, it felt like the first kiss every time. Soft, passionate, full or ambition and wonder. Her lips are the softest things I’ve ever kissed. Perfectly placed on mine. She kisses just how I like, at first, just pressing our lips together, but soon turns into tongue kissing. The perfect amount of aggression yet still so gentle. So natural. When I open my eyes I see the prettiest face and the most gorgeous eyes looking back at me happily. Kissing is such a gateway, and we kiss in such a way that we want more. Kissing is hardly ever good enough to express our love and passion for each other.

I planned the date. She wore her jean shorts and a burnt orange sweatshirt. It looks really good on her, makes her skin look soft and goes well with her light brown hair and eyes. Accompanied by her white platform converse, giving her a few inches on her 5’5 figure. Good. Closer to my lips. I wore something similar, Jean shorts with a thin, green waffle sweatshirt. Underneath, I wore just my basics, nothing special. She would discover it too soon.

We go out on our date, have a great time. Lots of laughs, lots of create up. We hang out like best friends but crave each other like lovers. We makeout in between our destinations, any time we are waiting. We can’t stay away from each other.

After almost a full day of plans and a successful first date, we begin to head back to my house for a sleepover. It’s about a 30 minute drive. She loves to drive my car, so I let her. Her excitement to drive it is reward enough. About 5 minutes into the drive I pull out the small bullet vibrator in my bag. I sneakily take it out and put it in my pants without her noticing. I turn it on and set it to the highest setting, watching her to see if she notices. She doesn’t. I push my hips forward in my own passenger seat to open up my legs. I press the vibrator to my clit and immediately feel the pleasure. My hand tightens on my thigh as I keep going. The music is loud, so she can’t hear the small groans escaping me. My knees shift as I keep going. Still, she doesn’t notice. I keep going. Watching her as she focuses on driving, lost in the music and road. I watch her the whole car ride, my vision going in and out from edging myself. Still, she doesn’t notice.

About 5 minutes from my house, she reaching her hand out to hold mine. I take it, of course, still masturbating right next to her. The back of her hand is pressed against my thigh as my hand intertwines with her hers. I feel myself loosen and tighten my grip on her hand in reaction to the stimulation in my clit. Only a few seconds after we join hands, she looks over and realizes what I’m doing. The utter shock on her face is priceless. The jealousy. I hear her gasp as her eyes narrow. I barely hear her under her breath,

We need to get home. Now.

Before she speaks up and deliberately asks me,

How long have you been doing that??

She quickly says

-the whole time.

I manage to get out in relaxed breaths. I watch as she glances from the road to me over and over, willing to watch my every move. From my hand, to my facial expressions, to listening to my moans. Her hand immediately at my thigh, almost begging for it to be her hand and not the vibrator, but no she was too late.

After what feels like forever, we pull into the driveway. My pants soaked, per usual, my horniness for her, through the roof. Willing to get inside, we grab all of our stuff and head in. I B-line it to my room which is downstairs in the basement. She gets caught up upstairs talking to my brother. I run to my bedroom and grab my bright red, strappy lingerie top and my red lace thong to go with it. I run to the bathroom and quickly lock the door before replacing my typical bra and panties. I throw on the clothes I was wearing over my now lingerie, and throw the old stuff out of view. I hear her begin to come down the stairs. Trying to avoid any suspicion, I sit on the toilet to pee as she puts her stuff down in my room. I walk out of my bathroom as she is heading in. She goes into go pee too. I innocently sit down on my bed and wait for her to join me.

After a few seconds, she walks back in the room. I gesture for her to come lay with me. Playing myself off as innocent, we cuddle momentarily as I begin to present shows for us to watch. Pretending the hot moment in the car was merely that, a moment. Convincing her it was just a “cuddle night” before pulling her in hard and pressing my lips to hers. My hands lost in her, my right hand wrapped around the back of her neck as my left hand gently falls at her jaw line. Her hands tightly woven around me as well. Her left hand doing the same to me as her right wraps around my lower back. Just as before, the kiss starts to heat up. Our tongues discover each other as we get more into it. Our bodies pressing together harder. My hand moves from her jaw to her neck as I start to kiss her harder. With my hand around her neck, I pull her closer to me. She slowly shifts from besides me to on top of me without breaking our kiss. After a few minutes of getting lost in the moment, she pulls away from me,

It’s just a cuddle night.

She tries to readjust

-shut up and kiss me.

I reply as I lean in for me. She kisses me back, hard. Welcoming the invitation. She starts to grind on me. My lips fall to her neck. I move to her ear,

Fuck me, please. I want you so bad. I want you inside me.

I beg her as I press my body hard against hers. Her breath stiffens. She’s getting hornier. I keep begging her. She grinds harder. She’s trying not to fold. I press my hips up into her as I try even harder,

Please. I want to feel your hips hit me while you watch. I want you to watch as you fuck me. Watch me take it. I’m so wet for you. I want you to destroy my fucking pussy.

She grips my arms hard and sighs loudly. I win, she can’t take it anymore. She reaches to the drawer next to me and pulls out our strap on. Within seconds she has it on and is on top of me again. We makeout again, this time with the tip pressed against my pussy. I want it so bad. I press my hips up while she’s kissing me to try to push the tip further. She catches on and pulls her hips back. She breaks our kiss and repositions herself. Now, the tip is sitting right at the edge of my pussy. The anticipation is insane. I want her. She thrusts the tip further, just enough to tease me. She keeps going, teasing me with the tip. I can’t. I want her fully inside me. I need her inside me.

I keep attempting to press my hips harder so it goes further. No luck. I beg for more. My eyes pleading for her.

[part 2](

NSFW: yes

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