My best friend Lynn …

After reading so many posts I finally gonna tell one of my stories. It is one that has been stuck on in head so hear it goes.

Lynn is very pretty, 5’0 with thick thighs but relatively slim. She has a smaller but and absolutely beautiful 36C perky tits with areoles is the size of half dollars and nipples like little erasers. I only knew my best friend was this gorgeous and sexy because of the times our friendship turned into a little more. We would talk about everything and anything. She had a very interesting personality, from anime to gothic to book nerd to little devil. Honestly her personality is what made her so attractive to me.

I wasn’t really the smartest when I was a bit younger and couldn’t see the things right in front of me. We were past of the same friend group that consisted of me, my girlfriend, Lynn, and a couple buddies I played sports with. She opened my eyes to shit I couldn’t see (maybe didn’t want to see). There were a few times I hear rumors of my girlfriend cheating on me and Lynn was the only one out of my friends to confirm it. She would give me the details about it if I asked. And later I realized it was cuz she had a gigantic crush on me.

Sorry if it was a this was slightly off topic.

Well after I found out she had a crush on me I would begin to flirt with her and flirty touch her when we were with each other. Sometimes in public even while I still had a girlfriend. We started to FaceTime more and more and the flirting turned into phone sex. Telling each other the things we wanted to do with each other. Spending hours on FaceTime stroking my cock on camera for her and she played with your gorgeous tits and extremely tight pussy. It was gorgeous, it was pink with a little bit bigger lips that I just wanted to suck on. Omg every time with had phone sex I would cum like never before. It felt like a cup full and it was ripe after rope after rope. Sometime all over my stomach all the way up to my chin and sometimes all over the floor. Her body would convulse for a few minutes and her eyes would be glasses over. There were a few time where she had small little squirts that I wanted to drink then make out with her.

Then the time we actually went all the way. One night I was on my way to the store and just decided to stop by her house just to chill and talk. She ended up coming out to the car and we were talking and it didn’t seem like it was gonna happen. The second I touched her leg we were making out. Omg her lips and tongue got me hard in the madder of seconds. Idk but someone that knows how to kiss is a major turn on. Then she stared to feel my cock and took it out after stroking it once or twice. Once it was out her lips were around it and oh boy she was good. Swirling her tongue around my tip and cupping my balls with her hand. She then takes all of it. Making it disappear. At this point I pull her pants down and I begin to tinder her pussy and I can only get one finger in it and she was soaking wet. I fingered her and played with her clit until she came. She absolutely love it, body could not stop convulsing. She then looked at me and got on top of me. As she started sit down she told me she wanted me to take her virginity. Ohh that almost pushed me over the edge. She was so tight she was only able to take a little bit more then my tip and she was moaning with pleasure. I could only hold out for a few minutes and I told her I was gonna cum. She got and we made out for a few minutes and she said she loved it and wants more of my thick cock next time before she left. After she left I opened my door and shot rope after rope on to the street. Wished she finished me off with her mouth.

NSFW: yes

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