My Best Friend is regularly Blowing my Husband and he has no idea


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My husband all the time had a thing for my best friend, Jenny. His “wandering eyes” never bothered me since he’s very loving and devoted but it was easy to notice that he was checking her out whenever he wondered the coast was clear. Honestly, I don’t blame him, Jenny is very attractive and since I’m bisexual, it was an absolute pleasure being her roommate in school. When I walked into our dorm on move in day, I was so captivated by her that I was stammering as I introduced myself. For reference, she looks very similar to the actress Ashley Greene but blond. Jenny can’t be more than 5 feet tall, has perky little breasts with nipples that all the time seem to be hard as well as a shapely bubble butt that’s more than a little fun to spank, to her irritation and eventual retaliation (which was the ultimate goal). At the time of our meeting, I wasn’t openly bisexual. She realized within a week or two after catching me lustfully watch her undress. In my defense, she’d frequently undress in front of me with little to no warning. To confirm her suspicion, a completely nude Jenny, nonchalantly crossed our dorm room, got up on her tippy toes and kissed me full on the lips. After the shock wore off and I began kissing her back, she grabbed my hand and placed it on her perfect handful of a breast. I squeezed it, timidly at first but then with more and more enthusiasm, pulling at her hard nipple as her gymnast of a tongue explored my mouth. Anyway, that story is for another time. This is how she began blowing my husband unbeknownst to him.

Fast forward six years. I’m happily married with kids and Jenny is my closest friend. I’d say we are close enough to be sisters if we hadn’t climaxed on each other’s faces more times than we could count. As I said, my husband had eyes for her since they first met. Jenny and I found it comical. With my blessing, Jenny decided to mess with him by purposefully wearing skimpy/ revealing outfits around him. I’d sit back and watch by husband squirm, nervously trying to conceal his erection. This tuned out to be a win-win. He’d spend an inebriated afternoon getting blue balled by my bombshell blondie of a bestie. She’d strut around in cheeky daisy dukes and/or braless under a white tee shirt, hard nipples as prominent as her cute nose. Later that night, he’d passionately fuck me like a mountain lion, complete with less than gentle scratching and biting. As time went on, I realized I was becoming increasingly aroused by my husband’s arousal. Id watch Jenny bend over to pick up something, then Id glance at my husband to catch his reaction. I tried to imagine what scenarios were running through my his head. He was likely thinking of bending Jenny over our patio table and fucking her silly. I looked up day dreamily and realized Jenny was looking at me with a funny look on her face. That’s when I noticed I was absentmindedly rubbing my extremely wet pussy through my jeans. “shit…” I mumbled, embarrassed. Jenny laughed out loud, likely guessing my thoughts. My husband looked up, equally dreamily, wondering why Jenny was laughing.

I all the time told Jenny everything and let her know how our on going prank was becoming less humorous and more titillating for me. She asked me if I wanted her to stop. I said quite the opposite if she was interested. She admitted to liking the attention my husband was giving her and that she wanted to hear my idea. I told her that I had set up a glory hole in our garage to surprise him for his birthday a few months back. I had been sucking his dick through it every now and again ever since. I wanted her to swap places with me without telling him. To say she was willing would be an understatement. Later that week, her and I had a girls night were we planned over a bottle of wine and a pizza with extra mushrooms.

A few nights later, I offered my husband a handjob which he never turned down. While I stroked his thick cock, I tactfully brought up Jenny. He knew that her and I had been very sexual with each other in the past. During previous handjobs, I had described steamy moments I had with her, not sparing any details as he shot his hot cum all over my hands. This time, I wanted to narrate a fantasy involving him and her. I jumped into a pre-rehearsed scenario where it’s his birthday morning and he wakes up to Jenny gently sucking his semi hard cock. I matched the rhythm of my hand to an imaginary Jenny slowly blowing him. His actual cock became insanely hard and I stroke it harder and faster, telling him that she notices that he’s awake, takes her mouth off his dick to wish him happy birthday, then resumes blowing him. Increasing her pace and beginning to gag on his shaft.

Then he blew his real life load all over my real life hands. Jenny and I took our time coming up with that scenario and he nutted before we even got to the part were she rides his thick penis until he inseminates her tight pussy. Oh well, Jenny and I had a lot of fun drinking wine and coming up with that fantasy. So much fun in fact, that she ended up fingering me with one hand while I passionately sucked the fingers of her other.

Tomorrow was Friday, the night Jenny and I planned our switcheroo. I had told my husband that I wanted to blow him through our glory hole and believe it or not, he didn’t turn that down either. The following evening, I got the kids to bed and sent Jenny a text that it was game time. She responded that she would be there in 10 minutes. I flirtatiously lead my husband by the hand to our garage (the glory hole is in the doorway leading from the garage to the mudroom) and got on the garage side of the glory hole which was typically the reverse of how we did it but he didn’t question it. I turned the lights off so it was pitch black on my side except for the light coming in through the glory hole from the mudroom. I got to my knees and few moments later, that very familiar penis was poking out at me. I licked the tip, rapidly flicking my tongue on his urethra. He began to swell and I wrapped my lips around it. It continued to grow, filling my mouth by the second. Then I heard the garage side door quietly open and close to my left. Jenny had arrived. She silently tip toed up to me and kissed me on the cheek which was currently bulged with my husband’s cock. Then we smoothly switched places and just like that, my husband’s penis was in my best friend’s mouth and fireworks were going off inside my suddenly dripping wet pussy.

I watched as the small amount of light from the hole partially illuminated her face. Jenny, a woman I Ioved so deeply, was sucking on the penis of the man I loved more than anything. The very penis that had impregnated me multiple times. My mind was melting with pleasure. My heart was racing. I began to rub my clit as I watched his cock disappear than reemerge from her mouth and flowing blond locks. She took a short break to catch her breath.
“I want you to imagine I’m Jenny, babe.” I said
“O-ok” my husband answered, breathing heavily.
Jenny sucked the side of his shaft, up and down, her lips gliding over his veins. Then she went down to his balls and began to suck them. Her mouth popping off them one by one with a *Pop* sound as she released suction. I knew his balls were probably musty. I love his natural scent and I enjoyed sucking and licking his balls even if he hadn’t shower all day but it was definitely an “acquired taste”. Jenny had apparently acquired said taste. When she came up for air, her mascara was smeared and running in black streaks. Her face was covered in her own spit as well as my husband’s pre-cum that had started flowing down his shaft.
“Do you like Jenny sucking on your thick cock babe? Is she doing a good job.” I asked

“She’s doing such a good job. Her warm mouth feels so good.”

Jenny smiled at me, I quietly kissed her on the lips and ran my fingers up into her hair. Grasping her golden locks, I turned her head and guided her face back to my dear husband’s throbbing penis. She obediently sucked it and I increased the speed I bobbed her head. I soon realized I was forcing his cock completely down her throat, her lips at the base of his shaft. I didn’t mean to do that but she seemed fine with it. After a couple minutes of gagging and gasping as my husband throat fucked my best friend, he began to moan breathily.

“I’m going to cum down your throat, Jenny!” He moaned and thrusted. Jenny made a coughing/gagging sound as his hot thick cum flooded her throat. Some even came out of her nose. He pulled his pulsating cock from Jenny’s mouth and it disappeared to the other side of the glory hole. “Thanks babe!” He said “I gotta piss!” and he ran off to the bathroom. Jenn and I couldn’t help but laugh. I quickly wiped off her face with a towel I had ready and gave her bottled water from the garage mini fridge. She gave me a quick peck on the lips, I could smell my husband’s fresh cum on her breath, and she ran out the door she came in.

That was almost 10 months ago. She’s been blowing him through the glory hole regularly ever since. He is 100% clueless.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read! I might have an update down the road. Jenny and I have floated the idea of him fucking her through the glory hole. We will see!!!

NSFW: yes

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